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4 Marketing Pros Spill Their Secrets to High-Converting Campaigns [+ Win a Free Ticket to CTAConf]

By Stefanie Grieser Download your CTAConf wallpaper for mobile and desktop here. When we first announced our Call To Action Conference, we asked our all-star lineup of speakers to share their thoughts on why every marketer should care about conversion – and how they’ve applied the insights they’ve gleaned from testing to the rest of their marketing mix. Now that ...

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Why I Love So Much to Be an Entrepreneur

By Valentin Radu Yes. Love. Pure love. That emotion that makes you feel like everything was meant to be like this, everything is in the right place, and you are being spoiled with all the goodies in the universe. That’s what I feel about being an entrepreneur. You might consider me at least weird, but stick around, and you’ll find ...

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What Most Bloggers Haven’t Considered About RSS to Email

By Amanda Drinker I was reading an article this week about email marketing for bloggers, why everyone should be doing it, and the easiest tools to get started. It was a great article for beginners. However, whether you are a beginner blogger or a seasoned extraordinaire, ALL bloggers should make room for one more feature on their website and in ...

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Is Working Abroad the Answer?

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By Ian McCartney The ever-migrating workforce For large numbers of modern folk, it seems that working abroad is indeed the answer. The amount of people heading overseas long term may be a minority of the population as a whole but it is still a significant amount. This is especially so when you consider historical expatriation figures (and demographics) with those ...

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Top 5 Examples of Cloud Computing

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By Daniel Hristov Cloud computing is one of the easiest ways for business owners to take advantage of some of the latest technologies without spending a fortune on expensive computer parts, software and IT specialists. To be able to easily understand the true benefits of cloud computing, it’s always best to see some examples of it. Email Communication The emails ...

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If Ad Targeting Works, Is More Ad Targeting Always Better?

By Nathan Safran A former colleague at Forrester Research published a study that described ad targeting and his view of the future of online marketing. The study is available to Forrester clients only, but the crux of the argument is laid out in a blog post: Why Google – Not Facebook – Will Build The Database Of Affinity. The author, ...

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Six Key Benefits Trade Shows Have To Market Your Business

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By Timothy Carter Trade shows have traditionally been a very popular way to market your product, service and business. With advances in social media marketing and Internet technology, like webinars, Google hangouts and video conferencing, the value and benefits of marketing via trade shows comes up. Though technology is changing marketing at a rapid pace, there are several benefits from ...

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What You Need to Know — About the CEO [Infographic]

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By Julie Winkle Giulioni For many, CEOs are an enigma. Where do they come from? What are they thinking? What is their special brand of business magic? GetVoIP has conducted extensive research to answer these and other key questions. Since I’m on vacation, this week’s post is more of a ‘post-card’ or picture – an info graphic developed by the ...

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