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Intranets Reimagined: “Look” Factors Impacting Your Intranet

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By Andy Jankowski In partnership with the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, Enterprise Strategies applied econometric principles to the results of over 200 intranet surveys and… statistically pinpointed which intranet attributes most impact a user’s perception of their intranet. This first post in this seven week series is focused on the data analysis of “look” factors – showing what employees prefer to ...

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Vocational Skills: What Happens When the Boomers Retire?

By Danny Ashton Does the declining number of workers in the baby boomer workforce that consist of skilled trade positions pose a threat to the future of these industries and the economy, or is it an opportunity for a younger generation to gain employment? How can we make sure that the baby boomer industry can find a replacement set of ...

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4 Ways to Go Green at Trade Shows With Eco-Swag

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By Timothy Carter A trade show gives you the perfect opportunity to display your company’s eco-conscious personality. Considering the amount of waste created by the trade show industry, standing apart at the show with a green trade show display also sets a high standard. To really look “green,” though, you have to make sure you hand out eco-friendly swag. Try ...

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The Dawn of Evervalue Content

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By Martin Sinclair Okay, so I’ve just made that term up. Who knows, it might catch on. I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘evergreen'; there’s something in the term that’s just too passive. The concept of creating a piece of content once that will last ad infinitum sounds great, but I suspect content ages quicker than we hope. ...

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The Top 5 Marketing Myths and The Truth Behind Them

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By Patrick McFadden This one will probably get me into trouble. I’ve worked as a marketing consultant for over four years and I’m not supposed to say this stuff. After all, it’s my job to generate more leads and close more sales. To wave my magic marketing wand and take your marketing to a whole new level. The truth is ...

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5 Easy Ways to Attract Viewers to Your Business Blog

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By Brittney Ervin Is Your Blog Attractive to Readers? Are you producing content for your business’s blog that simply isn’t generating very much steam in terms of viewers, shares and general interest? Putting in the often long hours and painstaking effort to produce good content can seem fruitless when only a handful of people ever see what you’ve published. A ...

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Content Aggregation Simplified: 5 Super Easy Steps

By Heidi Cohen The Official Content Aggregation Definition In its simplest form content aggregation is the collection of information based on a common topic involving one or more related keywords. Aggregating other people’s information conveniently augments your original content while providing a broader perspective. Often (but not always), content aggregation uses an automated process based on specific criteria or keywords ...

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