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How to Clarify Your Goals

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By Martina McGowan Whether you want to set goals for your business or for your personal life, defining clear, concise goals is very important. Without clear goals you can end up confused about what you want to achieve, and you may well be putting yourself on the path to stagnation. Clear goals can give you tremendous momentum and intense purpose ...

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Setting a Tone

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By Brent Pohlman Information, Information and more Information Is there so much information around us that it is becoming just more and more noise? People are motivated in a number of ways. I write from a standpoint of someone who works with different management and marketing principles on a daily basis and wants to make a difference. I want to ...

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How to Start Blogging the Right Way

By Mari Kane So you’ve got yourself a business web site that’s built-out and functioning, but not quite getting the traffic you’d like. You think you should start blogging to attract visitors and get better ranking from Google. Problem is, you’re not a writer and you don’t know how to start blogging nor what it entails. What to do? First ...

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Global Innovation Index 2014: The Human Factor

By Arwen Petty As we continue to explore the global effects of innovation, idea management, crowdsourcing, and data science, it’s beneficial to keep an eye on developments and shifting trends in regions all over the world — especially in relationship to the considerable impact innovation has on economics, politics, and emerging industries. This year’s Global Innovation Index, an annual report ...

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

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By Jessica Bowers 3 Tips for Properly Citing Written and Visual Content One of the great things about the Internet is the ease with which readers can share content they find interesting. In fact, our goal as content marketers is create something so interesting that thousands of people want to share what we have posted. Great content also includes links ...

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What Your Business Needs to Know About Podcasting

By Jeff Korhan If you think podcasting is for techies, think again. Apple started offering support for podcasts in iTunes in 2005, but as social media became more mainstream, it appeared that video would rule the world. It did, and to a large measure still does. What then has caused the huge resurgence in podcasts? You have it close by. ...

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