How to Improve Your Paid Search Click-Through-Rates

By Jonathan Long When you create a new paid search campaign you need to build it with the click-through-rate (CTR) in mind. There is so much competition in paid search, so you need to make sure that your campaign is properly optimized to receive a high quality score in order to get the lowest possible […]

My Favorite Pick in the Retail Sector Is Not What You’d Think

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By George Leong The retail sector can return some amazing gains as we have witnessed since the recession ended—but it can also provide periods of anxiety. How the retail sector performs is dependent on many variables, including the economy, jobs, housing, consumer confidence, interest rates, and even the weather, as we witnessed this winter. There […]

Web Hosting: One Size Does NOT Fit All

By Laura Walsh Web hosting: the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. Think of a web hosting provider as a property owner and yourself as a business owner looking for retail space for your website. The web hosting provider would rent out or sell you the space that you need […]

5 Practical Differences Between Joomla and WordPress

By Debi Lewis As someone who has been dedicated to implementing Joomla web sites for many years, I was very reluctant to add WordPress to my client offerings. The two products ostensibly have a similar purpose, but ask afficionados of either one which is better, and you’ll get strong opinions. However, clients have started to […]

Aaron Paul Photobombs and Leonardo DiCaprio Dances At Coachella

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By Dan Evon Celebrities… they walk among us. Coachella hosted dozens of bands, thousands of fans, and a few celebrities like Aaron Paul and Leonardo DiCaprio this weekend. Of course, most Coachella goers probably didn’t notice DiCaprio (he was wearing a ridiculous mask) but at least one person managed to shoot a video of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S Full Comparison

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By Chris Voss Source:     

Singapore EDB Shows That Coffee + Innovation = Connections

By Business 2 Community When you think of doing business in Asia, the Singapore Economic Development Board wants to make sure that you consider Singapore a place where innovation happens and connections are made. And how do so many business relationships begin? Over coffee. If you’re meeting new clients or new potential business partners for […]

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business?

By VerticalResponse What exactly is affiliate marketing? It involves having others market and sell for you. It’s a web-based system that allows you to reward referrals by sharing your profits. In addition to having an affiliate program, you can also become a publisher. That means you’re selling someone else’s product on your site for a […] F2P Games Are Possible On Oculus Rift, Will Casual Games Take Over?

By Ian DeMartino One of the biggest names in free to play browser games,’s CEO Victor Kislyi, says that his company sees Oculus as a viable place for free to play games once it hits an install base of five to ten million. What does this say about the future of Oculus? When Facebook […]

Social Media is a Part-Time Not Full-Time Process

By Brent Pohlman This message is for CEOs and Executives as a follow-up to last weeks post. DISCLAIMER: If someone has a full-time role in social media with a large company, I would guess they are using it as a full-time client service representative, maybe? or is planning some type of project to hopefully go […]