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Creating a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

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By Leslie Jenkins Online marketing tools have significantly advanced over the years, but there are many organizations that still struggle to get the return on investment that they expect from their Internet campaigns. Whether they’re using email, social media or another medium, marketing through online platforms has become a necessity to many businesses, but it’s also creating substantial challenges. As ...

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

By Neil Patel Do you know what the number one way to get your blog to 100,000 visitors a month is? It’s probably not what you think. The quickest way to get there is to focus on building a blog audience, instead of focusing on building traffic. If you focus your marketing efforts purely around traffic acquisition, you’ll find that ...

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How to Use Reddit for PR

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By Mickie E Kennedy Reddit—it’s uncharted territory for most businesses. And who could blame them? The site is full of people just looking to rain on someone’s parade. The “Redditors” (as they like to be called) are notorious for their cynical, glass-half-empty attitudes and are ready, willing, and able to call out any BS that blips on their radar. It’s ...

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Why native advertising needs to embrace the narrative

By Muhammad Saleem Native advertisements should tell compelling narratives that are tailor-made to contextualize the brand for a particular audience in a way that makes the brand personally relevant to that audience. When discussing (editorially) native advertising we focus too much on how integrative it is instead of how relevant it is. Let’s start with the same definition of native ...

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What Anchorman 2 taught us about content marketing

By Andrew Davies Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be hard-pressed to have avoided the promotional carpet-bombing that surrounded the release of Anchorman 2 last month. In the four months that preceded the Anchorman sequel’s December release, Ron Burgundy and his ridiculous Channel 4 News Team friends were everywhere. Ron Burgundy appeared on various local news stations, opined ...

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12 inspiring marketing campaigns from Google

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By Ben Davis Google helps us all market our services. That statement can start a healthy debate amongst many in the media, but I think I’ll stick with it. Of course, Google has to market itself, too. Even the biggest and most successful companies must market themselves in some channels. Apple, for example, may shun social media, but it’s all ...

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Business Seeking Business: The Fundamentals of E-B2B Marketing

By Amanda Clark Business-to-Business marketing is up higher than ever, largely due to an increase in social media and content creation. An article on The Content Standard cites a study where businesses in 2013 increased their efforts by 73 percent. In order, most B2B marketing strategies are pushed through: Social media Article-style content Newsletters Blogs Videos Infographics These six elements ...

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3 More Trigger Marketing Tips To Improve Engagement

By contributor by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Josh Haynam, the co-founder of Interact, a platform for creating lead capture quizzes. He frequently writes about using content effectively and getting the most from it. Follow Josh on Twitter @jhaynam. What makes you take action? Why do we choose to click on some offers but ...

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