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Are these the best FAQs in the world by LINGsCARS?

By Paul Rouke FAQs can be found on many websites and typically they are presented in standard text format. Maybe there is a suggestive search facility to aid the visitor’s ability to find relevant answers quickly and efficiently. But what if you wanted to make your FAQs more memorable, more unique and provide a reason for your visitors to use ...

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

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By Kamila Wcisel Have you ever wondered why your company’s website has not so many views as those of some other small and medium businesses? First of all, you should ask yourself whether your site is adjusted to the modern trend of using mobile devices by customers. Nowadays, more and more people tend to perform their everyday activities with the ...

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Loyalty Programs Work When Your Staff Get Involved

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By Tara Clark Want to drive awareness for your loyalty program? Here’s an insiders secret to success: Offer bonus rewards to staff and management who encourage customers to join the loyalty program. REWARD YOUR STAFF – A BONUS PUTS MORE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS A loyalty bonus program motivates staff! The more customers they sign up, the more perks they ...

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16 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

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By Dan Shewan Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a marketer quite like being asked to write a blog post. Some marketers would rather wrestle with pivot tables (or grizzly bears) for days on end than write a blog post – but why? Writing doesn’t have to be this painful. Writing is intimidating to a lot of people, particularly ...

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Using Promotional Staff to Generate an Online Buzz

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By Katie Lowe The worlds of digital and experiential marketing have never been closer than in recent years – with brands using promotional activity and PR stunts measuring their ROI not only in footfall and engagement on the day, but – importantly – in digital reach. From likes and shares to favourites and retweets, social engagement is a core part ...

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Back to School: 12 Things They Don’t Tell You About College

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By Erica Abbott britanniastudy.com Starting college, you’ll be bombarded by advice. Study hard, get good grades, involve yourself in a club. These are all good pieces of advice but others, whether practical or humorous, can be left out. Here are some things to remember, whether you’re starting college as a freshman or returning back from summer break. 1. Overpacking is ...

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Rock The Pitch #7: The Anti-Facepalm Formula

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By Carrie Morgan Today’s GOOD(!) PITCH submission comes from Lindsay Bell, the fabuloso content director over at Spin Sucks. Why did she like it? It was humanized… and relevant. There is a certain irony that, as PR professionals who earn a living based on our pitching skills, our own industry blogs are smothered with a constant deluge of bad pitches. ...

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Enhance Your Twitter Strategy With These New Stats (Infographic)

By Louis Foong Have you ever wondered how many times companies receive Twitter mentions on a daily basis? Also, which of the tweets that mention your company do not get retweeted? These significant questions and more are answered by the media monitoring company Mention, which created the infographic titled, “5 Surprising Figures You Need To Know To Improve Your Twitter ...

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3 Cheat Code Questions For a Gallery Landing Page

By Kamila Wcisel Have you ever wondered why it happens that you visit a website, get engaged by its homepage, go to the “About us” page, then go through its offer that seems just right for you, move to the gallery and this is where you stop? What if I told you that the page you stuffed all your SD ...

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