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6 Ways to Boost Your Business Instagram Account

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By Summer Luu Instagram continues to be one of the hottest social media platforms. Brands and businesses of all industries are taking notice and are looking to get into the action, finding the Instagram community another way to connect with their audience. If you’re looking to get started with this photographic group of users, here are 6 ways to you ...

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Why the Good Survive and the Best Enjoy Success

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By Personal Branding Blog I believe there’s a list in the universe like the one we believe Santa keeps all year. At his annual retreat with senior elves, Santa wrestles with finite resources he allocates at the end of Q4, among all the good boys and girls. At work, the good get to come back next year, and keep doing ...

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Playing to Win: Connected Objects and Sports

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By Jim Yang As digital trends go, wearable, connected objects and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) appear to be reaching maximum volume 11 on the hype scale these days. The promise of a world where everything is somehow tethered to the Internet—thus controllable via any and all connected devices—has a certain Utopian appeal, for sure, but the reality is ...

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Humanize Your Brand With Buyer Personas

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By Tony Zambito English: symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You cannot fake it. You should not even try. What am I talking about? We have plenty of efforts these days focused on humanizing in B2B Marketing. Which I believe is most definitely a good thing. However, we also have more savvy and knowledgeable customers and buyers in the digital age. And, ...

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How to Create an Online Newsroom That Journalists Love

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By Carrie Morgan Creativity counts when it comes to a media pitch, the headline of your press release and share-worthy blog posts. But what about your online newsroom? An archive of press releases is useful…. but investing a few hours to add fresh resources can take it from meh to fantastic. Most companies treat the news section of their website ...

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Lessons From Unbounce: How Not to Grow a Customer Success Team

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By Ellen Gomes Unbounce is a high-growth, self-serve, landing-page creation, testing and optimization tool. Though constantly evolving, Customer Success has been a priority at the company since it was founded. Ryan Engley, who has been with the company since its early days, has some interesting stories and lessons on building a customer success dream-team. Now Director of Customer Success, Ryan ...

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Anatomy of a Cult Brand: Have Purpose

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By Rob Howard This is part two of a six part series that explores what it truly means to be a cult brand. Part one can be found here. “Anatomy of a Cult Brand” summarizes our study of the world’s most coveted and successful brands. This series details the six attributes we have uncovered that have enabled certain brands to ...

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Why PR Should Lead the Charge for Organic Search

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By Lou Hoffman I wrote a post in June stating that PR’s digital opportunity would come at the expense of SEO consultancies. Here’s the core rationale — Virtually every buyer around the world conducts some form of online due diligence, often plugging keywords into Google. As search engines increasingly favor quality of content — not technical acuity — in delivering ...

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Are You STILL Tracking Sales in a Spreadsheet?

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By Prialto Does your business effectively manage customer lists and business opportunities? While most businesses today use CRM software to manage customer lists and pipelines, there are a number of companies that instead use a combination of: Spreadsheets: Excel or Google Drive Contact Programs: Google or Outlook contacts Email marketing services: MailChimp or Constant Contact While these tools are comfortable ...

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