Building the Next Native Advertising Tool: Integration Based on Relevance

By Aaron Goodin Consumers aren’t naïve, nor are they blind to the methods you’re employing as an advertiser. They’re smart, they’re savvy and they aren’t going to buy your product simply because it is front and center on the page. In the online world, just as in any other life situation, people don’t want to […]

Is It Really Feasible To Ban Access To Work Emails After 6pm?

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By Amy Edwards Heard the one about France banning digital workers from accessing their work emails after 6pm? No, it’s not a joke… but it’s not strictly true either. Last week the internet and the newspapers were awash with the news that a new legally-binding agreement had come into place in France which means employers […]

Leadership Essentials: Get on the Green, Then Go for the Hole

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By Mike Bushong The sport of golf is a mathematician’s dream. Players succeed by getting ever closer to the objective. First, you hit the ball from the tee to some point partway down the course. Then you get a little closer with a second shot. Once on the green, you putt the ball towards the […]

How Social Media and Online Video are Shaping Customer Service

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By Camille McClane Social media is too important to be ignored anymore. Nearly every company concerned with developing an online presence is also present on social media and is at the very least looking into viral marketing campaigns. These tools have functioned in a variety of ways, from announcing new products, advertising or even public […]

Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again: 5 Things You Should Try

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By Ryan Pinkham Every morning, my dog Zoe and I start the day with a walk down Main Street in my hometown. Despite only a handful of stores being open at that time, Zoe stops in her tracks when we pass the local pet store, trying to convince me to go in. For a pet […]

How to Test Your Business Idea at (Almost) Zero Budget

By TaeWoo Kim Who do you think of when I say “first in flight”? The Wright brothers, right? Interesting though, back then, it wasn’t the Wright brothers, but a man named Samuel Langley. Back when there was a race to be the first in flight, a bunch of men were trying different things. Langley was […]

Twitter and Your Business Reputation

By Benjamin Taylor So your company is just starting to get noticed on Twitter and other social media platforms! That’s awesome. It’s a great avenue to reach the toughest demographic of consumers. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet but it’s kind of hard to develop a real reputation on Twitter, especially if you aren’t a big […]

Why I Don’t Want To Be An Influencer

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By Dan Newman Sure it is a hot topic across the web. Expert and influencer content has determinedly become key in helping big (and small) brands in driving consumers through the buyer’s journey. From start to finish, it has been determined that the right content from the right person can lead to more sales. And […]

The Conflicting Nature of Customer Service

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By Flavio Martins Bad customer service generally happens because there’s an inherent disconnect between the expectations of the customer and the demands of the call center. But no organization sets out to make bad customer experiences happen. Although never intended, it’s too often the typical result of actions taken. Dan and Chip Heath’s book Switch: […]

3 Smart Ways to Focus on Strengths and Win From Your Competitors

By Ethan Young Does acquiring a new project for you, connotes concealing your weaknesses and mastering the art of deception? It’s time to grab your business prospects’ attention by not just what you’re selling (a lot many are doing that already), but by hitting the sweet spot with the most unique/scarce asset you possess. “At […]