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How Big Is Tumblr? (Infographic)

By Bogdan Obretin In Feb 2007, yet another blogging launched. Tumblr added to the many choices for casual and serious bloggers an already crowded market by WordPress and Blogger. Often described as Twitter meets YouTube and WordPress, Tumblr made it easy for anyone to post pictures, videos and content to an easy to use platform. It quickly came to the ...

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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Big Fat Lie?

By Nicole Beckett Clearly, this question doesn’t apply to you. After all, you’re an honest marketer who likes to do everything by the book. You can’t stand all of those less-than-reputable marketers who are willing to do just about anything to make a buck. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that your content marketing strategy is an honest reflection of you ...

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Won’t the Next Facebook Please Stand Up?

By Margie Clayman While we can’t necessarily recommend crying Mark Zuckerberg a river just yet, the news has predominantly not been great for Facebook over the last few months. Right at the beginning of 2014, reports surfaced showing that teenagers appear to be leaving Facebook in droves. This report from USA Today indicates teens may now prefer Twitter or Instagram ...

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Why We Love Certain Brands

By David Brier Seth Godin wrote, “A brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.” After all, there are brands we as consumers absolutely love. And there are brands we as consumers can’t stand. So what’s the ...

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Eight SlideShare decks to inspire cultural change

By Andrew Warren-Payne There is one true irony that many businesses are yet to understand: business success in the digital age is just as much about people as it is about technology. Every single roundtable I attend as an analyst seems to confirm this fact. However, many companies are still getting by with arcane working practices and toxic environments, despite ...

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The Two Sides of Telemarketing (and Why They Matter)

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By Matt Ford One of the most popular icons associated with St. Patrick’s Day is the legendary leprechaun. But like many creatures of folklore, people have interpreted them in two ways. One is the typical old fairy dressed in green and the other is the same only he’s uglier and just downright evil. Surprisingly, it’s not much different with a ...

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How to Recover From Negative SEO

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By Neil Patel Did you know that your competitors could hurt your search engines rankings? By doing malicious things in order to decrease your search engine rankings? This is called negative SEO. Before we go into how to deal with negative SEO, let’s go over a few ways it can happen to your business. Malicious attacks on your site – ...

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#023: Off the Rails of Kevin Bacon

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By unmarketing Subscribe on iTunesRSS Feed On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about a company that pays their employees 30% more than the national average, and their motivation for doing so. We also discussed the importance of respecting your time and the time of others you come in contact with, as well as what not to do when ...

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