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#031: Boys vs. Girls in Marketing

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By Scott Stratten Subscribe on iTunesRSS Feed On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about problems associated with marketing based on gender, race, and other demographics and what marketing should be focused on instead. We discussed several toys and other products that focus on targeting girls vs. boys, and the way that those products should be marketed. Other topics ...

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5 Unique Pinterest for Small Business Ideas

By Caleb Yen So you own a small business, and decide it’s time to delve into the ever-changing Pinterest landscape. But building a Pinterest for small business isn’t easy. So you read a few tips online, an FAQ here, a helpful blog there… Eventually you get a pretty good handle on the basics. You know that Pinterest isn’t the same ...

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9 Media Interview Tips for Start-Ups

By Heather MacLean Start-ups have a lot going on. Not only do they have very few resources doing development, looking for beta customers, seeking funding, but they are also trying to do marketing and get some media attention so they can get the customers and funding. It can be a vicious cycle. When a start-up gets good media, it can ...

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How to Write Headlines That Make People AND Google Read Onward

By Jessica Mehring Crafting a provocative headline is Writing 101. It’s something all professional writers (or anyone who has received any education in writing) are taught to do. But writing a headline for the Web is a whole different ballgame. Online you have to contend with a million distractions – 20% of people don’t even read your headline in the ...

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10 emerging examples of best practice in social customer service

By Christopher Ratcliff From reactive and pro-active engagement techniques to mapping customer journeys and developing multichannel, what are the current trends in social customer service and how will they affect what we consider best practice in the future? Speaking on this subject last week at Our Social Times’ Social Customer Service Summit 2014, was social media strategist Martin Hill-Wilson. During ...

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A guide to personalised advertising online

By Ben Davis Hello Brian. There are many ways an online ad can be personalised and targeted. In this introduction to personalised ads online, I thought I’d order the information by marketing channel, rather than by types of targeting. Ads can be targeted to behaviour, demographic, time and audience. Most people think of personalisation as a little more tailored than, ...

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