You Should be Thinking About Fraud Losses

By John Canfield When you are in the beginnings of starting up your business or in the heady days of growing your business, one often neglected part of your business may be the operational headaches and risks you have to tackle as you scale. In particular, if you are a platform serving many users and […]

3 Mobile Strategy Tips to Reach Consumers this Holiday Season

By Andrew Jeavons With the holiday season in full swing, businesses are putting their new and improved mobile strategies to the test. Although mobile has been expanding over the past few years, many developed strategies surrounding it are still in the experimental stages. One thing we do know this holiday season is that today’s consumers […]

Increase Your Guest Blogging Conversion Rate Using High Quality Images

By Rohit Palit You probably know it already that guest blogging is a highly effective strategy for building links driving referral traffic to a site. You may even come up with a nice targets list, do a really nice outreach, and yet, you may be left banging your head against the desk for having a […]

What You Need To Know About Small Business Hosting

By David Waring For those businesses, associations and organizations who are about to augment their brick-and-mortar establishment with a website, we’ve put together a primer to help you understand the hosting process. We’d like to better help you understand what web hosting is, terms you’ll encounter and other facts as you begin this new endeavor. […]

Business Intelligence Tools – Key Benefits for SMBs

By Sharon Hurley Hall Business intelligence tools could make a big difference for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). With the right kind of tools, any business can improve its competitive position by learning more about what is happening inside the business and using this information to plan future actions. It’s a sound strategic move […]

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Kill Your Productivity

By Rose Haywood Owning a small business is a wonderful opportunity to direct your own financial destiny but it carries with it a lot of pressure. There’s no one else to blame for your professional failures and many entrepreneurs are always on the clock. Enter the holiday season, so full of promise for a joyful […]

The Holidays: Reflecting On Leadership

By Dan Newman Every year around this same time we take a step back to enjoy the holiday season with our family. While we all have slightly (or vastly) different rituals, traditions, activities and beliefs; this is the time when many businesses slow down just long enough for us to reflect. One of the things […]

Target Hit With Major Lawsuits and Investigations After Data Breach

By Kevin Fleming Late last week, Target confirmed that its security systems had been breached. Hackers gained access to an estimated 40 million debit and credit card accounts of consumers who shopped at any of Target’s retail stores between November 27 and December 15. Target said it began contacting banks, credit card issuers and the […]

11 Ways To Humanize Facebook Brand Pages

By Jesse Aaron When it comes to social media, it can sometimes be off-putting to see messages from advertisers in between Candy Crush invites from your grandmother and status updates from college friends. After all, Facebook’s original mission was to provide a place where family and friends could keep in touch with one another. However, […]

Who Has Time for Social Media?

By Brent Pohlman Are you still looking at social media like this? If so, you probably have not grasped what social media can do for you. Here is a better question: How can social media work for me? You need to flip social media on its head and have social start working for you. I […]