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How to Create and Use an RSS Feed for Your Blog

By Susan Guinto So you are a lover of words, a writer enthusiast and you are also looking at the possibility of an online gig and earn extra cash for something that you consider as your passion, right? But in the world of online Olympics, if you are really going to pursue blogging, there is a big chance you’ll get ...

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Top 3 Content Marketing Lessons We Learned From ‘Mad Men’

By Amanda Clark “Advertising is different now,” you’ll hear people say. “It’s not the way it was in Mad Men.” That may well be true—certainly, advertising and marketing have changed considerably since the 1960s—but nevertheless: There is much that we can learn about digital-age content marketing by watching the beloved AMC program. And since Mad Men is poised to return ...

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5 Ways to Sign Off Your Emails with a Bang

By Pat Owings We’ve proven time and again that email marketing isn’t dead. If you’re not getting the results you hoped for with your email campaigns, you might want to consider the anatomy of those emails. Where in that message do you lose your readers? Believe it or not, they might just slide your email to the trash bin when ...

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Twitter Turns James Franco Scandal on Lucy Clode

By Erica Abbott www.entertainmentwise.com I mean, jeez, how unbelievable that Lucy Clode, 17, would turn James Franco, 35, down. I mean, who does that?! Whether this whole James Franco scandal with Lucy Clode is legitimate or a simple publicity stunt, the whole thing is a bit strange. And the fact that the tables have now turned on Clode is even ...

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Providing Customer Satisfaction Against the Odds

By Chelsea Varney Chocolate. Shareholders. Our first kiss. None of these things. Nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our customers. They mean everything. Ultimately, it is down to the consumer to decide the success of your business – and their judgement is final. That is why the evaluation of customer happiness is a major contributing factor in industry ...

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Missing the Boat on IT and Technology

By Norman Marks When you look at surveys of CEOs, such as the ones by PwC in 2014, McKinsey in 2013 and IBM in 2012, they reflect what we should all know: that the innovative use of technology is one of, if not the primary, enabler of business innovation these days. Whether it’s connecting with the customer (as referenced by ...

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How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

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By Neil Patel Chances are you know what hashtags are, but you probably don’t use them. I know I’m guilty of neglecting hashtags. So, why should you use hashtags? To start with, tweets with hashtags tend to get twice as much engagement as tweets without them. Plus, they can help you gain more followers, improve your reputation, and help your ...

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Social Media Millennial Shopping Trends [Research]

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By Heidi Cohen Social Media Influences Millennial Purchases Welcome to the social media showroom. For millennials, social media is more than a place to check product options. Social media is an integral part of the millennial purchase process. Teen Vogue’s March 2014 “Seeing Social” survey garnered 1,074 responses from young US women (age 13 to 29) regarding the role social ...

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Why Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing is the Wrong Question

By Contributor Friendly by Contributor Friendly | , President, Heinz Marketing, started in 2007 to help clients focus their business on market and customer opportunities, then execute a plan to scale revenue and customer growth. Follow Matt on Twitter @HeinzMarketing. Inbound marketing can be both highly effective and highly inefficient. If you’re relying on inbound marketing and leads only today, ...

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