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Where are they now? Six favourite childhood brands in the digital world

By Christopher Ratcliff What happened to your favourite childhood brands? What is the value of brand recognition in the digital age? Does nostalgia mean anything in this fast-paced, digital world of ours? If we’re not sat at our desks in front of a computer, disappointing our parents whose skills as manual labourers are becoming largely redundant, we’re Instagramming our lunch ...

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Three quick tips for optimising email marketing

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By James Critchley After years of studying the online purchasing journey, I have a theory that when making an important purchase shoppers draw up a shortlist of four desirable items and/or four retailers to buy them from. In her book, The Art of Choosing, Professor Lyengar reveals that too much choice renders us overwhelmed to the point of indecision – ...

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Can Moscow’s Skolkovo Innovation Centre really rival Silicon Valley?

By David Moth The Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted its annual Startup Village this week, a two-day celebration of Russia’s new tech and innovation community that’s being built from scratch on the outskirts of Moscow. It was the culmination of a startup competition involving young entrepreneurs from 27 cities, with the ultimate winner taking home a 900,000 ruble investment. The organisers ...

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Getting to grips with mobile SEO

By Christopher Ratcliff Numerous studies also show that the majority of users start their consumer journey on mobile and 32% of consumers make a monthly purchase. Google has updated its algorithm to give preference to sites that offer mobile accessibility and many other search engines have followed suit. It’s now imperative that you have a separate mobile SEO strategy from ...

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Instagram User Generated Content Rocks Marketing Results

By Heidi Cohen Make Your Content Marketing Photos Look Organic Selling to today’s consumers is tough. Consumers trust their family, friends and other customers. But they don’t trust you, Mr. or Ms. Marketer. This isn’t a newsflash. Nielsen reported this back in 2011. The problem is that as a result your target audience can tell a marketing message a mile ...

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8 Reasons Equity-Based Crowdfunding Isn’t the Answer

By Young Entrepreneur Council What is one big pro (or con) that I should be aware of before seriously considering equity-based crowdfunding for my business? 1. Con: Inexperience and Time There are two potential cons to consider. First, understand that your backers may not be as experienced and patient as traditional angel and early-round investors. Second, it might be that ...

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The Necessity Entrepreneur – Buying a Job

By Marc Miller The Necessity Entrepreneur A necessity entrepreneur is someone who has turned to entrepreneurship because they cannot find a job or another method to create income. A typical necessity entrepreneur is over 50 years of age, been unemployed for over a year, and sees the possibility of finding full time employment dwindling. Many necessity entrepreneurs see this as ...

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Coming Home to the Brand: Key Audio Branding Do’s and Don’ts

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By Colleen Fahey When it comes to audio branding, the most effective yet challenging task is creating the brand’s audio DNA, the distinctive vocabulary of sounds that inform all of its many applications. An audio branding system can underscore the attributes expressed by your visual branding system or complement those attributes, providing further meaning. Like anything else, audio branding comes ...

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