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6 Business Lessons I Learned From My First Hockey Lesson

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By Erika Dickstein If you have followed my personal blog, you know that I recently started taking adult hockey lessons. Both of my daughters’ play and their program decided this summer to offer Hockey for Hockey moms. The thought being that they would give those of us who spend so many hours at the rink the opportunity to get on ...

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Ways to Fill Employment Gaps

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By Personal Branding Blog If you have been unemployed for more than a few months, this may raise a red flag with potential employers. If you are laid off or need to quit a job unexpectedly, these create gaps in your work history. You need to learn how to cover these gaps so you don’t lose your reliability and still ...

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New Zelda Game Unveiled At E3 [Video]

By Dan Evon Nintendo unveiled a new Zelda game today at E3. The new game, which was designed specifically for the Wii U, is all about exploration. Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma said that he wanted to remove all boundaries in the new Zelda game, allowing players to explore the realm without restrictions. Aonuma said: “As far as what you can do ...

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Three Essential Content Marketing Practices

By Christopher Ryan Content Marketing Essentials When I served on the AIM board, I occasionally had dealings with Bryant Duhon, the organization’s editor and community manger. I always found Bryant to be sharp, focused, and a person who is good at grasping and presenting the essentials of complex topics in a way that makes them useful to his readership. Bryant’s ...

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Managing Employees Strengths and Needs

By Phil Geldart When assessing other people it is important to objectively identify both the strengths and the weaknesses. Using the criteria of balancing hard results and soft intentions, this assessment should be easier. You also need to learn how to use people’s strengths in the best way possible. Naturally these strengths and weaknesses will be defined in light of ...

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Do You Know the Real Cost of Doing Business?

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By Susan Solovic There are some basic attributes of small business owners and entrepreneurs that I really admire and that make me enjoy being around them. These include traits such as: Enthusiasm Personal sacrifice Optimism In their best form, these traits can help propel a small business to great success. However, if they aren’t tempered with realism, they can also ...

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Survive a Layoff … and Enjoy It

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By Erin Miller So, you got laid off huh? Maybe you loved your job and are now gripped with the fear that you’ll never be able to find something you love as much ever again. Maybe you were miserable at your job but “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Maybe you saw it coming and felt ...

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Quartz: what’s so great about it?

By Ben Davis What’s so great about Quartz? Quartz is a business news publication that’s been talked about a lot since its founding, by Atlantic Media Company (publishes The Atlantic), in 2012. It’s built on WordPress, is mobile-first and characterised by a strong team of journalists that produces engaging short and long content that’s incredibly sharable. Here’s some more answers ...

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Why Google+ Local is vital for offline businesses

By David Moth A friend of mine recently setup a business as a sports massage therapist and asked if I could give him some tips on digital marketing. Aside from setting up social profiles and optimising his website, I suggested that one of the most important things he could do was to setup a Google+ business page. His is obviously ...

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