5 Common Small Business Customer Service Fails

By Gere Jordan Great customer service is an important element of any successful business. But for small businesses, it’s absolutely critical. Large companies have many resources at their disposal to build an image and make sales, including dedicated marketing teams, branding consultants, and large advertising budgets. But small businesses rely on repeat customers, word of […]

Start Meetings Quickly And Keep Them Short

By Ginger Shimp We’ve all had days when we see nine emails on a topic and we know that if we could just talk, we could save ourselves another dozen messages that need to be read, responded to, sworn at, and filed (or deleted)! Back in the days before email (for all of you born […]

4 Crucial Online Marketing Strategies You Need To Implement Right Away

By Isaac Campbell Last time I sat down to write a blog post, I analyzed 32 theoretical basketball games played between marketing strategies. Whichever strategies proved better for the average business moved past their opponents and into the next round. Well, 32 of these theoretical games was a lot, and the post ended up being […]

Instagram ‘Explore’ Tab Now Personalized

By Mike Stenger Instagram introduced the “Explore” tab in June 2012, and has made a big change that now displays personalized results. First hinted at by Co-Founder Mike Krieger Tuesday evening, Facebook has since confirmed the news: “We’re always looking to update the types of posts you see in Explore to better tailor it to […]

36% of top UK advertisers don’t have a mobile site: report

By David Moth A third of the UK’s top 100 advertisers (36%) still don’t have mobile optimised sites, according to a new report from the IAB. However there has been a slight improvement since the survey was last carried out six month ago, when it found that 42% of the top advertisers did not have […]

5 Ways to Use Content to Increase Engagement

By Comm100 Engagement is the end game for content marketing. Getting people interested in and involved with your product is half the battle in making a sale. When your customers know that they can look to you for stellar insights and advice about the industry, you’ve succeeded. But achieving this goal is not easy. It […]

Rethinking the Relationship Between Customers and Suppliers

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By Leslie Brokaw Creating processes that promote learning, trust and adaptability between customers and suppliers can help both be more competitive. How can companies collaborate effectively when the business environment is changing rapidly? Research by F. Asís Martínez-Jerez of the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business looked at successful and unsuccessful initiatives of […]

How Microsoft’s Analytics Is Making A Difference In The 2014 Indian Elections With Data Visualizations

By Prasant Naidu The 16th Lok Sabha Elections are currently mid way. We have already seen how Facebook, Google and Twitter are supporting these elections by extending their platform in exciting ways. Three of our earlier articles provided a snapshot of the interesting work being carried out by the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook. […]

Andis Harasani On How To Be A Better CEO

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By Jennifer Lynn Davidson Becoming an excellent CEO is not something that happens by accident, says Andis Harasani. As the former CEO of Albania’s largest corporation, and founder and CEO of Eagle HVAC, Inc., Harasani credits his success to making an effort at constant improvement, in addition to following the key tips below. Study The […]

Q&A: Adri Cowan, social media manager at Marvel

By Christopher Ratcliff How can a 75 year-old company, whose very business is completely ingrained in traditional print media, remain relevant and engage with its audience in the digital age? I asked this question last month in How does Marvel Comics use social media? Marvel has played a huge part in the push to build […]