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Four Ways to Boost your Company Culture

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By Michelle Benjamin When you think about culture, what comes to mind? Maybe you think about your open-door policy, your employee handbook or your code of ethics. While those all play an important role in defining your company and its culture, corporate culture also includes the working environment, non-monetary benefits to employees, philanthropic affiliations, employee development and how the company ...

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Top Tips For a Successful Recall

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By Farzad Henareh Effective recalls must run like a well-oiled machine. Every aspect needs to be coordinated and documented, while communications have to be well targeted. Correspondence between disparate partners creating and selling the faulty product and the affected consumers purchasing the product must be made swiftly. Each individual concern of those affected has to be answered with an authoritative ...

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Trust Your Intuition

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By Paul Sloane MBA students are taught to treat business in a rational, scientific way. They analyse situations, develop financial models, critically examine management decisions and logically examine different scenarios. When they emerge from the hallowed halls of academia they are often surprised to find that businesses run much less on logic and much more on emotion. It is not ...

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7 Rules for Having a Powerful Online Bio

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By Warren Knight Your online bio is one of the most important aspects of social media and making sure that people can understand what you do in 160 characters. Your reputation is at stake and its crucial you know what to say so here are 7 rules for having a powerful online bio. 1. You Only Have 160 Characters Don’t ...

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The Digital Reality: How Technology has Transformed the New Business

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By Alyssa Adkins Technology builds the business. Technology refines the business. Technology grows the business. Technology is the business. Robert Plant recently wrote an article over at Harvard Business Review that started turning the wheels in my pen-and-paper, words-kind-of–girl head. Plant claims that IT Has Finally Cracked the C-Suite. With the proliferation of cloud computing, business units are able to ...

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Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers…and Sales Channel Implications

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By Ed Marsh Agents & Distributors – can’t live with them and can’t live without them Without exception every B2B manufacturing company exec with whom I speak laments the challenges they face in channel management. The complaints are nearly verbatim. Channel partners expect and demand 10-20% (or higher) margins/commissions yet the manufacturer often must create, close and deliver the projects. ...

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How To Attract Action To Your Blog Posts

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By Jonathan Long If you are creating blog posts on a regular basis don’t you want to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit for your hard work and effort? You should want every blog reader to read through your entire post, and not just quickly glance over it. The majority of your website visitors aren’t going to read ...

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You Are a Topic at Your Employees’ Dinner Tables

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By Mike Bushong The transition from individual contributor to management is probably a bit selfish for almost everyone. In that moment when your responsibilities and title change, you will naturally focus your attention on you. Your mind is aflutter with how you will manage a team. What projects do you have to deliver? How will you balance those projects? Do ...

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