The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Metrics: Reach and Exposure

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By Kate Dunham As a social media professional, you know how important having a social media presence is to a business. And you also know just how overwhelming it can be. You’re trying your best to produce and share great content, you’re interacting with customers and prospects, and you’re trying to make sense of it […]

How to Manage Expectations – The Vastly Underutilized Skill

By VerticalResponse Managing expectations is a vastly underutilized skill, in my opinion. Not everyone does it, but maybe if more did, we could avoid a lot of the day-to-day drama that goes on in every office. Folks who know how to manage expectations are able to more seamlessly navigate the choppy waters of their business. […]

Five Ways to Convince Your Boss to Be on Social Media

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By Joshua Speers Gone are the days when social media was considered just an outlet for boring social commentary or a way to tell everyone what you had for dinner. Social media management is now a key part of any successful digital marketing platform and most businesses benefit enormously from attaching social media profiles to […]

WWF Taps Into Snapchat, Online Video to Raise Awareness of Endangered Species

By Hannah Brenzel The Danish branch of the World Wildlife Fund has created a campaign based around a simple comparison to Snapchat that is both accurate and powerful. Just as a Snapchat message disappears in a matter of seconds, so too can an endangered species cease to exist in the blink of an eye. The […]

How to Grow Your Social Media Networks with Your Business Email Signature

By Henry McIntosh Looking to increase your following on social media? Completed every tip in the book? Here’s one that you might have overlooked – the email signature. Yes the humble email signature, that space at the bottom (or top) of every email that you send. Companies send hundreds of emails every day, from desktops […]

Displaying Impeccable Twitter Manners

By Kenna Griffin I’m sure you’re really cute. I’m positive your mother finds you adorable and told you so many times. Your real life friends also likely find you hilarious. I’ll bet you’re the life of the party. But, on Twitter, we kinda think you’re an asshole. Your snark comes across as condescending and, frankly, […]

How to Create a Web Marketing Report

By Toby Jenkins One of the common problems with web marketing and web marketing reports is not the lack of data, but the overwhelming abundance of data. With all of the tools now available to us, we can really get buried and sorting the signal from the noise (the important from the trivial) can be […]

5 Common Small Business Customer Service Fails

By Gere Jordan Great customer service is an important element of any successful business. But for small businesses, it’s absolutely critical. Large companies have many resources at their disposal to build an image and make sales, including dedicated marketing teams, branding consultants, and large advertising budgets. But small businesses rely on repeat customers, word of […]

Start Meetings Quickly And Keep Them Short

By Ginger Shimp We’ve all had days when we see nine emails on a topic and we know that if we could just talk, we could save ourselves another dozen messages that need to be read, responded to, sworn at, and filed (or deleted)! Back in the days before email (for all of you born […]

4 Crucial Online Marketing Strategies You Need To Implement Right Away

By Isaac Campbell Last time I sat down to write a blog post, I analyzed 32 theoretical basketball games played between marketing strategies. Whichever strategies proved better for the average business moved past their opponents and into the next round. Well, 32 of these theoretical games was a lot, and the post ended up being […]