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‘Snackable’ Formats Driving Content Marketing

By Eloqua

by Eloqua | for the Eloqua community, one of our most promising observations is that Modern Marketers are making their content more ‘snackable’, visual and engaging, which is fantastic news for B2B prospects!

Everybody wins! While marketers make a greater effort to provide content consumers with easy-to-access information, they’re able to better cultivate a role in the usually independent buying process. The engagement, in turn, enhances the audience’s impression of the brands that effectively communicate their value through content.

The research shows that marketers don’t lack for content marketing guidance and they appear to be acting on some of these major content marketing trends.

More than 50% of respondents identified these 4 factors as influencing their content marketing strategy:

  • 63% – Repurposing existing content to make it “snackable”
  • 59% – Delivering right time / real time content based on behavioural patterns
  • 58% – Making new content more visual & engaging
  • 54% – Sharing useful content

The big players: A majority (75%) of organizations surveyed with marketing budgets greater than one million per annum are focused on repurposing existing content assets in particular.

Can your content marketing improve? Why not? In fact, 40% agree (somewhat or strongly) with the statement “we have optimized our digital marketing but not our content marketing,” although 28% disagree (somewhat or strongly) and 32% neither agree nor disagree.

The big players: In organizations with marketing budgets greater than one million per annum, the number agreeing rises to 50% and, for respondents at Director level or above, it rises to 46%.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the value of your content based on the report’s benchmark themes. Think strategically about your objectives, but always remember your number one content objective is to serve your audience.

1. Consider starting a content “series” to inventory your brand’s thought leadership insight. Yesterday’s blog post focused on memory and information overload. Our short attention span society is ultimately calling for easy to access and consume information. Content series provide a way to explore a variety of topical themes in a centralized fashion. The series format is helpful for demand generation programs, social media engagement, and blog content, among other vehicles of interaction.

2. Evolve your content marketing KPIs with your audience’s behavioral patterns. Optimizing a content marketing strategy isn’t just a “holy grail.” It’s a continually evolving process built on fundamentals that prove worthy to your audience, and therefore to your metrics.

3. Consider “Bucketing” your content strategy. By creating buckets of content marketing, or segments, you can be more thoughtful about balancing your corporate marketing objectives with the overall output of content being shared with your audience.

The full Content Marketing Benchmark report can be downloaded here.

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