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ROI = Raising Others Interest

By Brian Basilico

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Advertising is dying because everyone can get it for free on social media… if you buy that I have a bridge I’d like to show you! I am still seeing tons of people who want to use social media but don’t understand it’s used. How many ads have you seen that promise you tens of thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter?

Now think about how often you jump on social media to buy something? Do you think your fans or friends do that? What most people log-in to social media to be entertained or informed. If people are engaged with your content, they will like, comment or share it.

ROI = Raising Others Interest image 7278 101413 gs7278Do Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, Is All I Want to Say To You

Simple truth… people tend to communicate the way they like to be communicated to. That means if you like email, you tend to email more and if you like the phone, you tend to leave more voice mails.

The key thing is “Are you in the places where people want to communicate with you?” If people want to text, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ with you… are you there? Are you responsive, active and engaging? Can you create messages that intersect with where people need you the most? Or are you just advertising your crap?

Creating a Crowd or Tribe

In order to create a crowd or a tribe there are two main components that you have to pay attention to:

  • They have to be aligned with your way of thinking
  • There has to be something in it for them
  • Yes we would all love to think that people want to just share our messages because they like us, and sometime that is true. Then we all get inundated with emails, messages and communications that are asking us for something with nothing in return, other than they get our money and we get something that may, or may not be important to us!ROI = Raising Others Interest image iStock 000013292595 ExtraSmall

    Three Ideas For Success

  • Build The Tribe – Pull people together around a common theme. Usually it’s one where they can benefit with you and often times more than you. Building a tribe means they will follow you, you to have to feed them, nurture them and care for them. A tribe is not 4 or 5 people drinking your kool-aid, its creating a platform that makes people so interested in what you say, that people search for you and they recommend you to their tribes!
  • Educate Them – Keep your tribe informed, educated, empowered, and give them something to share. Making them feel like you have their backs and their best interest in mind is Job #1. Your tribe is not there just to serve you, they are there because you serve them better than someone else who does what you do! The world is filled with people who think just by being the best, that others’ will just show up and throw money at their feet. (aka broke musicians).
  • Reward Them – I am not talking bribes… I am talking value. We have all been the kid or had the kid screaming for a toy at the grocery store. That band-aide works until the next trip to the grocery store. You have to provide something that changes their lives for the long term. Something that changes their perspective in a way that makes them want to share what you have with their tribes. It can be a phone call, webinar, video, but something exclusive to them that has value far beyond just a toy dujour… it has to have some real value and be worth their time and investment in you!
  • Final Thoughts

    Interest and attention is something that has to be earned over and over. You have to treat each opportunity as your best opportunity to make a first impression. Does your content grow your tribe and your business? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!