What if Your Leads Just Aren’t That Into You?

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By Margaret Angell A few years back, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo wrote a book called “He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.” According to Behrendt and Tuccillo, “He’s just not that into you if he’s not asking you out.” I like to use the dating analogy when talking about building a relationship with leads. ...

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12 Ways That Good Design May Elude You

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By Paul Biedermann Pin it! Good design is present even when you might not be aware of it. This may be counterintuitive to what most people think, because design is not about decoration and just making things look pretty. There is that too, but design runs through our lives in everything we see and do. When you go for a ...

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What Inspires You to Create a Breakthrough Mindset?

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By Tara Alemany No matter what you do or who you are, there are times in our lives where our own weaknesses and inabilities can limit what we accomplish. To achieve more, we need to learn something new or overcome a limiting mindset. And it’s not just one area of our life we need to focus on. Every day, we ...

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The Problem With Online Press Releases That No One Talks About: Because It’s a Big Money Maker, Part II

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By Corey Weiner Here is how you can almost always tell an amateur press release and why it’s usually wasteful pier fishing – with an organization’s American Express card: 1) Hundreds and hundreds of words. I have seen press releases for shopping malls and insurance agencies going 730 words. Those simple business announcements should take 200 words, if that, and ...

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3 Ways to Turn Your Customers into Innovation Resources

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By Arwen Petty Connecting with consumers on a basic level through newsletters, email campaigns, and social media is a standard business tactic that sits squarely in the box. It’s important, but a given, and primarily used for sharing content, promotions, and company updates. But, in addition to being a run-of-the-mill approach, it’s one-sided, frequently spammy and sales-centric, and is more ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to SEO Keyword Research with Free Tools

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By Flora Pang Google’s Hummingbird update made quite a ripple in the search engine marketing world by introducing a more conversation-focused approach to search engine, but it did not completely revoke the relevance of keywords. Conducting keyword research for SEO is still as important as ever. While there is no shortage of decent paid SEO keyword research tools out there, ...

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Tablift Universal Tablet Stand Unboxing Review

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By Chris Voss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcbStLNUi0 Three positions for a more natural experience. The tablift adjusts to three positions, making it ideal for video chat. No more slouching over the tablet. Sit back and have a natural conversation. Tablift only works with the coolest tablets. Tablift works with the following tablets: Apple iPad (all generations, full sized and mini) Samsung Galaxy (all ...

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Three Crucial Elements of Team Decision-Making

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By Liz Kislik Teams that have trouble bringing matters to an actual decision are often unaware of how their own inconsistent processes reduce their chances of coming to agreements that everyone can live with. Whether the team discussion is meant to provide insight to a single executive, who then has full responsibility for the decision itself, or the group intends ...

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How to Turn a Cold Email List into a Warm One

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By Trent Dyrsmid How many times have you heard marketers claim “email marketing is dead”? Should you still care about creating and nurturing an email list? If you have an email list, could you benefit from implementing an email marketing strategy to turn your cold leads into hot ones? Do you know whether your list is cold or hot in ...

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