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MLM DMO – Network Marketing Daily Routine to Create Online Duplication and Success

By Simon Chan

Overview of MLM DMO

MLM DMO – Your Network Marketing DMO (Daily Method of Operation)

For those that know what a MLM DMO is and don’t want to read this entire post, here is a proven network marketing DMO that will help you grow a profitable MLM business very quickly.

Here’s the formula:


Here is what each number and letter stands for

3 → Create 3 Pieces of Content

5 → Meet 5 New Contacts a Day

5 → Invite 5 People to Look at a Presentation

5 → Follow-Up With 5 Prospects that You Sent Invites To

3 → 3 Prospects to Watch a Video or Attend a Presentation or 3 Way Call

For those that don’t know what a MLM DMO is or why it’s so important for recruiting and duplication read on.

What’s a Network Marketing DMO?

If I woke you up in the middle of the night and would you be able to answer this question-

What are the 7 things every distributor must do every single day?

Or maybe you can, but how many of your downlines can answer that question without pausing to think?

That’s your MLM DMO

It’s your Daily Method of Operation.

It’s your daily routine of mandatory things you must do in order to be successful.

It’s your checklist for what you and everyone in your organization must do everyday.

Just like every kid that works in McDonald’s knows the first thing he must do the second he punches in his time clock.

You must also know what you must do every day if you want to build a successful network marketing business.

Most MLM businesses don’t duplicate because the members are not following a strict DMO.

Or worse, I’ve met downlines who didn’t even KNOW what a network marketing DMO was!

Why a MLM DMO is Important

Most distributors have no business background nor previous success in network marketing and have no idea what they should be doing each day.

They spend their time doing the wrong things that make no money.

A network marketing DMO is a simple checklist that keeps every prospect on track to do what it takes to make money.

Most distributors have never been taught to think for themselves.

They’re taught at an early age to follow instructions and listen to authority; teachers, coaches and bosses.

Most people are great followers on instructions and the DMO makes it easier for distributors to be successful.

It provides them a checklist and makes them treat their business like a job.

In other words, a MLM DMO will increase the chance of a distributor becomes successful because just like a job, they must show up and do what’s on the checklist.

Build a MLM DMO Culture into Your Team

If your team has a network marketing DMO already, then make sure you do it daily and build the culture so that everyone knows what it is.

That culture and awareness of the DMO is built by constant repetition and rewarding people who follow the DMO.

Overview of a MLM DMO

If you don’t have a DMO to follow and want to grow your business faster, here is the MLM DMO for Online Duplication.

This network marketing DMO will help build a business that not only helps you attract prospects, but recruit new reps and have new members duplicating.

This is what every distributor must do every day: 3-5-5-5-3

3 → Create 3 Pieces of Content

5 → Meet 5 New Contacts a Day

5 → Invite 5 People to Look at a Presentation

5 → Follow-Up With 5 Prospects that You Sent Invites To

3 → 3 Prospects to Watch a Video or Attend a Presentation or 3 Way Call

It’s Not Your Lack of Time…

When they see this network marketing DMO, many distributors will object and immediately say they don’t have the time to do all this.

But they do have the time.

What they need is better time management.

Of course no one can do all 7 of these things in one sitting.

Between work and family commitments, most people don’t even have ONE HOUR to focus on their business.

The key is to schedule your day and do bits and pieces of it through chunks of your day.

MLM is a part time business that is done in the nooks and crannies of the day.

For example…

You can update your mentor while you are doing dishes at night.

You can reach out to 3 prospects on your 5 minutes coffee break at work.

You can spend 20 minutes on your lunch break to meet some new friends on Facebook Groups

You can follow-up with 3 – 5 prospects as you sit in your car waiting to pick up your kids from school.

The best part of Online Duplication is that you don’t need to travel much like the old days.

You can do this do your entire DMO with your phone.

Focus On Activity and Not Results

Another mistake that many distributors make is they do this DMO for a few days and then quit because of the lack of results.

Results in MLM take time.

You’re not into get rich quick right?!

So be patient and give it time.

You have to give it time for you to get good and also for your prospects to warm up and get used to your new commitment.

If you focus on just doing this DMO everyday, in 21 days you’ll see massive results.

Just make sure you don’t quit on the first week.

Commit to This MLM DMO and Your Life Will Change Forever

I admit that this Daily Method of Operation may not be easy.

But once you schedule things in and consciously make an effort to work on your DMO in every free second of your life, you’ll soon discover it’s not only doable but it gives you tremendous satisfaction and happiness.

You’ll feel fulfilled because you’re finally doing the actions that grow your income.

And before you know it, the happiness and success compounds exponentially because you’ll be getting the results that you wanted.

Do this network marketing DMO for 21 days and your business and life will change.

I promise you that.

See you at the top!

Simon Chan

P.S If you’ve felt stuck, struggling to stay consistent with your daily income producing activities… You are not alone. It’s NOT a matter of “trying harder”, or doing more personal development to help you focus and get results… Check out this video and see what top leaders in this industry DO DIFFERENTLY to stay consistent each day.

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