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Marketing in 2014 – Improved Productivity

By Brent Pohlman

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Right now the predictions are out regarding the new marketing trends for 2014. Each article emphasizes a different point whether it be more emphasis on content marketing or more investment in social media or more engagement on social media and the “emphasis goes on and on”

I think everyone would agree these different techniques and tools are important, but one word continues to not get much attention. That word is “PRODUCTIVITY”. Companies need to become more productive with their marketing efforts and look for ways to improve the way they currently market new products/services and service their current clients.

How can you measure productivity?

The best way to measure productivity is to continually monitor the current costs and revenues. We are starting to see clients and businesses coming back and spending a little more each year. The last few years have been tough ones and many companies are losing revenue and clients; often to other competitors. This should be a wake-up call!

Being productive, means taking care of current clients and making sure we are not only meeting, but exceeding their needs. This is where increased productivity can be measured. If we are only meeting the needs of our clients, they will eventually leave.

In 2014, there needs to be more emphasis on integration of all marketing approaches and finding a way to integrate marketing with service and production. It is the whole package working together to ultimately serve and draw our clients back in to our business.

As I look back at 2013, one thing has really stood out. Our current clients’ are the best advocates for our business and are the people who will go out and tell others about our company, or they will see working with our company as a competitive advantage for their own business. If we look at exceeding our client’s expectations and continue to improve our productivity, we will ultimately see results and new clients will hear about our company offerings’ and will want to connect with us.

Working towards improving productivity to exceed the needs of our clients needs to be the focus in 2014. Be careful when reading through 2014 marketing predictions so that you do not miss seeing a bigger picture.

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