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Mad Marketing #33: The Power of Simplicity in Everything

By Marcus Sheridan


It appears I have found my alter-ego in Star Lord ;-)

Well, it’s podcast time everyone, as the newest episode of The Mad Marketing Podcast is here! In this fast and furious episode, I’ll be discussing:

-Why Guardians of the Galaxy was AWESOME…plus a personal Star Lord comparison (sorry, you’ll have to see the movie to understand that one ;-) )

-How all great things in marketing and communication are achieved with simple, concise messages

-Why the Ultimate Content Strategy is Listening

-The continued evolution of sales and marketing departments

-Why colleges are crazy if they’re are not using Inbound/Content Marketing for recruiting

-and more…

It’s 25 minutes of goodness folks, perfect for making your ride to work way easier this week gang :-)

As always, if YOU would like a question answered on the Mad Marketing podcast, just go here and let me know!