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Local Marketing WP Plugin Produces Sky High 40% Conversion Rates

WP Lead Explosion is a WordPress plugin that is producing 40% conversion rates for local marketers selling mobile sites, Facebook fanpages and SEO services. This proven and tested WP plugin can make the difference between selling 5 to 10% of your website clients and conversion rates up to 20%, 30% or even 40% or more.

WP Lead Explosion allows you to create simple landing pages so you can easily place two mobile sites, Facebook fanpages, SEO results or Yelp/Google+ reviews side by side to allow for annotation and note making of improvements and issues the mobile site, Facebook campaign or SEO results may have, and to emphasize where and why they need additional local marketing services or consulting from you.

With this plugin, you can approach local businesses with their own landing pages used to show a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view. This side by side comparison can be used to clearly illustrate and graphically show them the differences in their current mobile site, Facebook fanpage, or SEO results and how it could be improved with your custom website services.

Your presentation looks incredibly professional, is laser-targeted and you can draw on the landing pages to more easily illustrate your methods in order to more effectively get your points across. Plus, you can go even further by showing them the more advanced consulting services you offer on how they can improve other marketing routes with direct side by side comparisons of their site with their competitors.

WP Lead Explosion

Side-By-Side Comparisons Make a Huge Difference in Sales Conversions

The main use for this WordPress plugin allows you to upload website URLs or images and compare them side by side within smartphone templates, or macbook/imac templates.

The WP plugin takes the URLs placed in, or images uploaded and automatically creates a template placing them as a comparison side by side on the page. Then you can then annotate notes around the templates to explain and point out key points, improvements and benefits.

The WP Lead Explosion plugin software can be used to compare websites on mobile devices (using the smartphone templates), or other online marketing campaigns, such as facebook page screenshots side by side, website screenshots, even SEO ranking screenshots in the macbook/imac templates.

You can upload URLs, or images your customers want instantly displayed side by side, ready to compare.

You Can Illustrate Problems With Their Websites Like:

  • Layout problems where the mobile site is shifted off center
  • Click to Call problems
  • Poor graphic resolutions
  • Slow load times
  • Menu viewing problems
  • Problems with usability on a website
  • Compare their design with a more creative design
  • iphone vs imac version comparisons
  • Compare SEO, Facebook results on search engines for their site with competitors
  • One click change of screens inside the software

This WP software is ‘custom built’ with your needs in mind. You just add the images, content and annotations to suit your needs. Then simply email the comparison or visit in person your business clients. Then, once clients like what they see, when you professionally show your services in a side by side comparison, new sales become a simple “show and sell’.

WP Lead Explosion Drag-N-DropWP Lead Explosion Uses Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface That Is a  Breeze to Use

The WP plugin is super easy to use, and is completely drag and drop. You can drag animated arrows, circles and add text on top of the templates with ease. You can then create your own templates, add your own content and notes, and ultimately create different styles of landing pages to suit your business needs.

How Easy Are The Landing Pages to Customize?

Comparison pages are displayed within a smartphone. Websites will automatically appear from the URLs copied and pasted in. Annotation/note taking animations are all drag and drop and custom placed by the user. The text is fully customizable/editable by a simple click and drag.

Easy to create templates, make them once, and with one click, reuse them. You can create landing page templates including your logo, business name, etc. Just load them and swap out the images for each new business which takes just seconds to do. The same template can also be used over and over again by just switching URLs and images.

Easily & Quickly Change Landing Pages to Professionally Promote Your Business Services.

You can create attention grabbing landing pages for any business you want to approach to sell mobile website design services, or general website/blog redesign services, or anything else you or your client wants to compare.

Simple One Click Feature Allows You To Import And Export Easily

You can import and export images, text, icons, complete landing pages, websites, you name it! The export file is exported as a page image in jpg, or mobile image file.

WP Lead Explosion Email & Print ReadyYour Comparison Landing Page Can Be Instantly Printed and Mailed to Businesses.

When each landing page is created, you have the option to send the link to a business via email, or print the landing page out and to mail it through the mail/post as well.

WP Lead Explosion Pro is integrated with major autoresponders like Aweber and Get Response so you can create a list of the businesses you contact for follow up.

This innovative software is a great way to open the door to showing off your custom website services. You can use WP Lead Explosion to approach businesses one by one with your online marketing, web design, SEO, Facebook and social marketing service offerings.

You will look like the hero when you show your solution to the issues currently faced by the business you approach, and what you can do to improve it.

Learn more about WP Lead Explosion <– Click the link.