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Kids Teach Us Many Things; Here Are 3 MLM Leadership Lessons from My Son

By Simon Chan

My son Ethan, staying focused at bat in baseball game

Kids teach us many things!

Good or bad… kids remind us of what’s happened or who we’ve become.

I know you may not like to hear this but if your kids haven’t turned out how you wanted them to be, it’s a reflection of you and the environment that you’ve put your kid in.

Whether you raised them or they developed bad habits from someone else, you put them in that situation where they were conditioned and programmed to think and act a certain way.

That’s the scary thing that I have to remind myself everyday…

And it forces me to be better each day.

I admit it that I’m far from perfect.

And I see the imperfections in my kids.

And their faults can be traced to ME.

From the times I lost my temper or the ways I acted…

I see it in my kids.

ALL of it.

They model us 24/7.

The good and the bad.

Fortunately for my 3 boys, there’s more good than bad.

And it’s one of the reasons why I’m super grateful for network marketing.

One of my fundamental beliefs is that network marketing allows us to be better parents because we’re always leading by example and creating that legacy.

Our kids model what we do and the pre-MLM Simon was different from who I am today.

Thanks to the network marketing profession, I’ve been more grateful, more humble, developed success habits and gave up television.

So fortunately my kids are growing up in a much more positive environment now.

3 MLM Leadership Lessons My Son Reminded Me Last Week

Last Sunday was another super proud Daddy moment for me.

My oldest son, Ethan had a great baseball game and here are 3 things he did that reminded me of who we must become.

I taught him these things but I’m human and sometimes I forget.

He reminded me not by telling me but by his actions.

Which by the way how is Leadership works.

Leadership is caught, not taught.

Here is what he did and the lessons

1) During Tough Times, Stay Calm, Relax and Visualize Success

In his first at bat, he had a rough time initially.

He swung and missed the first 2 pitches thrown at him.

Down 2 strikes just like that…

But instead of getting nervous or reacting…

Ethan stayed calm.

I saw him step outside the batter’s box and he relaxed…

He closed his eyes to visualize…

And then he went back in to face the next pitch and he immediately hit the ball!

I was so proud of him!

Now back to you…

During tough times, do you stay calm and visualize your success?

Do you go back and think about your Dream Board or do you go back to what just happened and why “you’re in a rut?”

2) Being Present and Not Focused on Distractions

On his second at bat, he ran and slid into first base and scraped up the skin on his elbow.

Instead of crying and complaining… he just looked at it a few times and went back onto the field the next inning.

He played shortstop and during the entire inning, he didn’t let his elbow distract him.

He was present in the game and paid attention to every pitch.

When we are in pain or discomfort, are you present and aware of the opportunities around you?

Or you do easily get distracted by the negative things that happen?
Staying focused and in the present moment despite distractions

3) Champions Are Made When No One Is Watching

This one made me the most proud! 🙂

Ethan had a great game that lasted over 90 minutes and afterwards instead of going home like the rest of the kids, he wanted to go back to the batting cage for extra batting practice.

It was late and we had to go home but how could I say no?!

So we went back and I pitched to him for another 30 minutes.

His great grandpa was there as well and super proud of him.
Do the extra even when no one is watching; lead by example

From every great athlete to entrepreneur, champions are made when no one is watching.

It’s easy to put on a show when people are watching you.

But what do you do when no one is watching?!

Are you working on your skills?

Are you being consistent?

If you have a team, a great question to ask yourself is,

If you downlines did what you did today, what would happen to their business?!

It’s Your Turn To Create Your Legacy

I feel I’ve grown so much as a parent in the last few weeks and it’s been really rewarding.

It reminds me of the opportunities we all have to create a legacy that lasts beyond our time.

What are you doing to create your legacy?

I just shared with you 3 things that my son did.

Which one can you apply more so that you can be a champion today?!

Please comment below.

God Bless,
Simon Chan

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