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Keeping Hackers At Bay With Strong Password Management From LastPass

By Kimberly Castleberry

LastPass Makes
Password Management

It seems like nearly every day we’re hearing of some friend or colleague getting hacked.

Some hackings make the news but most happen to people just like you and I and will never make the news even though they’re painfully traumatic.

By now, we’ve all heard the recommendations for good password management:

  • Use a unique password per website
  • Don’t re-use passwords
  • Don’s use passwords with dictionary words or names in them
  • Always include at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Always include at least one number and one special symbol
  • Don’t use passwords with less than 8 characters


And if you’re like most of us… your eyes roll because you KNOW you should do it but it’s just too much of a pain in the butt!

That’s where password managers like LastPass come in.

In addition to making all those thing easy – and to storing your passwords in a super encrypted (safe) manner – LastPass also makes it easy to get your passwords on your mobile devices, have them when you’re traveling, access them from a friends PC, and other stuff that we do all the time that makes password management hard.

There are a lot of password managers on the market including LastPass, 1Password and RoboForms. However, I chose to go with LastPass as it is the only password manager that passes the recommendation of numerous security experts!

If you want to delve deep, check out this podcast from Security Now, that talks about just how good LastPass really is about keeping your data where you need it but out of the hands of bad guys.

LastPass is free to get started!

However, I pay the very affordable $12/yr to get mobile access.

Since I’m on Android, I use the fantastic Dolphin Browser and the LastPass Add-On for Dolphin which puts all of my passwords right where I need them when I’m working from my phone (which I do often). Then there is also the LastPass app that lets me get my passwords for other things (like apps) from within the LP app.

Joining us today is Steve Dotto from DottoTech to give us a walkthrough of LastPass.

Combine this tool with it’s sibling software XMarks to have access to all of your web bookmarks and you’ll be all set!

I encourage your to TAKE ACTION and get this done today rather than putting it off. Each day you delay is one more chance for hackers to make your life MISERABLE. And as a business owner, you have a LOT more reputation to lose than the average person does!

That isn’t to disregard the average person though, because I also recommend helping your parents and children set this up. It can save them a lot of headache!

Is there a bit of a learning curve? Yup, some – but it’s not nearly as much of one as setting up 2-step authentication for sites like Google are. And those are must-do’s too!

Have you enabled LastPass yet?