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Is Personal Brand More Important Than Company Brand On Social Media?

By Brent Pohlman

Is Personal Brand More Important Than Company Brand On Social Media? image ID 100196187

It is really something people need to take a closer look at. I know I’ve been asking this quesiton quite a bit. There is a reason why Facebook does not like company pages. Also, overall, I would say company pages on Google+ and Linkedin get far fewer impressions and views than personal profiles. This is for good reason, people need to connect with people in order for connections to take place and transactions to occur.

I believe it is also the reason that company website hits have decreased over the past few years. Take a site like Amazon. Think how productive and efficient you could be if you could actually go to someone directly and ask them to 1) find the best price, 2) best shipping option for the price and 3) a review of the particular item. Right now, the consumer must find all three. I am not sure we will ever get to this type of a system, but think of the possibilities.

I attended a conference yesterday and listed to how a company that started out online has also grown to add a storefront and serve clients internationally. The key attribute they stressed was the one-to-one contact with their clients. This company has a strong client service department and it personally answers all client questions submitted online and over the phone.

Obviously a strong company will have a strong brand presence. This is critical. What I am looking at here is the social media channel specifically. You need strong resources on social media who are personal, client serving, results oriented and have influence on these various sites. It is for this reason that executives must take a more active approach on these sites and understand ways to connect with their clients using these channels.

For this reason, I really like Linkedin. On Linkedin, you have the opportunity to make connections with executives from major companiess simply by extending an invitation to connect. At ths same time, you have the opportunity to keep in touch with these people on a daily basis by posting updates which these connections will see from time to time, not everyday, but you stay on their radar. In addition, I have learned that you may not receive feedback online, but you have now planted an important piece of information with them. You have given them your name as a represenative for a company they could do business with in the future.

I believe 2014 is the year I start to reap the benefits from all of these connections in a big way. I have made some top notch connections in the past with industry exectutives, potential clients, professional marketers, web developers, awesome teachers and students and the list goes on. In my case, too, I am more interested in the person first and the company they represent second. I believe it is the best way to getting results with clients.

On Social Media – Which brand do you relate to more?

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