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Is Mobile POS the Future?

By Aneesa Siddique

The advancement of mobile point of sale software and hardware is still in its early stages in the early part of 2014, but will soon become an even more important part of the retail industry in the coming years.

There are a number of reasons why many large retail companies are looking to invest in mobile POS systems, the major one being the chance to personalise the shopping experience for each and every customer. In the future the opportunity to scan a code and purchase items will be increased to allow purchases to be made by a linked in bank account accessed through the mobile device. Many retailers are also working to increase the use of personal data being passed to their mobile POS hardware in a bid to access personal preferences, previous purchases and personal information when a customer enters a physical or online store. This allows a retailer to send coupons and discounts directly to the mobile device of the customer and target sales items directly to the customer.

For both customers and retailers the advantages of mobile POS are many, in terms of the retailer the opportunity to track the sales made from any location in the world offers a truly interactive and real time experience. Stock can be sourced and sent to a customer from any location around the world, when stock is unavailable in one location a mobile POS system has the ability to find the needed item and ship it directly to the customer. Linking mobile POS and physical locations will also bring the customer a new and exciting experience, which will include mobile access to items available in a store and online with real time stock figures.

Customers will be the big winners when the future of mobile POS comes into being, with more options than ever available for each customer to make the purchase they want, when they want it. This can include orders for items not yet manufactured or that will be released at a later date.

Mobile technology is making customers more aware of the products they buy and the many options they have available to them. This large amount of information makes the Omni Channel approach important in the future of retailing, where shoppers will look for detailed information on products and shipping using numerous types of media. The Omni Channel approach requires a retailer to allow a consumer to save their searches automatically and move through different Websites and Social Media options and make their final purchase from any location, be it physical or virtual.