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Is Miley Cyrus Dead? Fans Freak Out Over Fake Report (Hoax)

By Dan Evon

Is Miley Cyrus Dead? Fans Freak Out Over Fake Report (Hoax) image miey cyrus death hoax

Miley Cyrus hasn’t tweeted in two days and that can only mean one thing… she’s dead! Smilers freaked out today when a death hoax circulated around the internet about idol.

The fake report claimed to have “SHOCKING” information about the singer’s demise.

The report reads: “Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home.”

The Miley Cyrus death hoax started circulating on Facebook this morning. The hoax encouraged people to share the news about Miley’s death. It also claimed to have a video of the singer after she overdosed. But when people clicked the link to see the video they were redirected to a bogus survey site with the aim of extracting information from people.

Of course, there is no Miley Cyrus death video because Miley Cyrus is not dead.

My brother just came into my room and said Miley cyrus was dead,and I cried imedietley! Who knew apparently Id be real emosh if she died!

— Age (@AdriannaBrowne1) July 20, 2014

That whole miley cyrus found dead thing better be a lie.

— mikaella (@Mikxellx) July 20, 2014

Is Miley Cyrus dead?

— Anna Lollis (@ajlollis21) July 20, 2014

Most internet death hoaxes focus on celebrities with small social media followings like Jeremy Meeks or Wayne Knight. The problem with using a celebrity like Miley is that it is usually easy to disprove it since they are so active on sites like Twitter and Instagram. The Miley Cyrus death hoax gained a lot of steam this weekend because the singer hasn’t posted to her Twitter account for two days. That, coupled with this bizarre story, had a lot of fans freaking out.

But rest assured, smilers. Miley Cyrus is not dead.