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Is Guest Blogging Really Over & Done?

By JR John

Is Guest Blogging Really Over & Done? image Return Visitors

In light of Matt Cutts’s most recent blog post, quite a few bloggers are quite worried about what Matt Cutts stated in his post: that guest blogging has “decayed”, and has just “gotten too spammy”. In fact, he went so far as to say that Google’s webspam is likely to look very poorly at the bloggers who go over the top with guest blogging.

But that doesn’t mean that guest blogging is well and truly over with. If you had taken the time to read through the entire post, as well as the edit he put in after receiving a rather tumultous response to the post, you would know that guest blogging is still an excellent practice to grow new blogs.

Here’s why.

Are You Guest Blogging For Links?

If so, then you can stick a fork in it. Because that’s done – guest blogging for links and “SEO benefit” is done. Over. Finished. No vestige of it will remain.

Matt Cutts even hinted that those who guest blog explicitly for links might not be looked on very favorably by the industry giant.

Guest blogging and SEO no longer have any correlation. That phase in blogging and Internet marketing is done (luckily).

Are You Guest Blogging To Gain Exposure?

To build authority? Increase your rep? Drive traffic?

If those are the motivations behind your guest blogging, then go ahead and keep right on doing it. Matt Cutts stated that just because guest blogging won’t get you SEO benefit doesn’t mean that you won’t get all the other, more important benefits – authority, exposure, and traffic.

It’s still one of the hottest ways to get your new blog to superstardom in a few months, just like that (imagine finger-snapping sound effect).

When you guest blog, you associate your name with the names of the industry leaders in your niche. You build authority for yourself. You drive traffic with a link in the bio or within the text.

In fact, if you link to your sales funnel within a guest post, you might even end up making a few bucks.

So, Stick A Fork In Guest Blogging…

IF you use it gain links, or IF you use it to increase your SERPs rank, or IF you dofollow your bio links. Because that just won’t work anymore in 2014.

On the other hand, if you are looking to increase your rep and your traffic – to build a community around your blog – to gain a whole lot of exposure in the shortest amount of time – then launch a guest blogging campaign.

You’ll be glad you did.

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