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Industry Icon Randy Schroeder Achieves Crown Ambassador Rank At Kannaway

By Ted Nuyten

Randy Schroeder is a 29-year veteran of the direct sales industry, having successfully worked as both a distributor and a corporate executive since 1989.

He has earned as independent distributor over $30 million over the course of his career in direct selling.

In a short time he has achieved the top rank in Kannaway, specialised in hemp-based botanical products. This April he will speak at the Kannaway National Conference in Las Vegas.

Randy has also been instrumental in Kannaway’s expansion into Europe. Kannaway went on a two week, multi-city tour of Europe last September, promoting the many benefits of CBD and the Kannaway system at events around Europe. The central goal of this historic trip was to introduce Kannaway to the European market.

Kannaway hosted these events to help build excitement, recruit new distributors, and educate existing brand ambassadors on the best practices for growing their CBD oil business. Randy’s passion for CBD oil and Kannaway was on full display as he spoke at these groundbreaking European events..

In addition to his role as a Brand Ambassador, Randy created a training module that he shares with his fellow distributors. He regularly teaches his 10 steps to success at Kannaway events where he describes his insights into the industry and shares his passion for the success of others.

Randy revealed,

“One of the many roles of leadership is to do that which we would have our members do. To this extent, we are committed to the continual development of this developing leadership structure. The future is bright.

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