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Increase Your Blog Income 100% With This WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress PluginAffilinker WordPress Plugin Automatically Converts Keywords Into “Google Friendly” Profitable Affiliate Links.

Struggling to make money with your WordPress blog? Not able to increase your blog income? Install AffiLinker and convert keywords into affiliate links, and your blog makes more money. You can also create an affiliate link cloud – like a tag cloud but filled with your affiliate links.

How Does The AffiLinker Help To Increase Your Blog Income Without Being Detected?

AffiLinker automatically converts keywords in your blog into profitable affiliate links using java script that are non-indexable by Google and other search engines. Affiliate link cloaking is recommended by professional online marketers everywhere.

According to founder John Komatsoulis, “The best place to insert your link is inside your content, and this is the place where you get the most CTR for your affiliate link. Relevant links inside your content will bring more CTR than banners (or links) in the sidebar of your website.”

Affilinker prioritizes and tracks keywords  to better monetize your WordPress blog. Now you can turn all your hard work into instant money with the AffiLinker WordPress plugin. You control the affiliate link placement on your blog posts, pages, comment section and one step further, you can make colorful interactive affiliate links that your visitors love-to-click.

Don’t Struggle To Increase Your Blog Income Anymore explains that, “The concept of contextual advertising is to create text advertising links within your content, which means they are right in the face of your readers, but also relevant at the same time”. While Darren Rowse of stated that, “…99% of my conversions have come from links to Amazon from within blog posts when I’m writing about the products themselves…”.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Install a copy of the AffiLinker WordPress plugin and better monetize & increase your blog income naturally while you concentrate on other activities of your blog.

There are 3 price plans to choose from – the difference in the plans is the number of affiliate links you can create – ranging from $17 for up to 6 links -to- $47 for an unlimited number of links. The prices are one-time with no monthly fees and include lifetime free updates. There is a free trial version available that allows up to 3 affiliate links.

All plans include the following features:

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Prioritize Keywords
  • Google Friendly Affiliate Links
  • Links on All Posts/Pages
  • Links on Comment Section
  • Restrict Posts/Pages
  • Restrict Comment Section
  • Restrict by Post Length
  • Cloak Affiliate Links
  • Show Colorful Links
  • Show Affiliate Link Cloud
  • Track Clicks + Referral URL
  • FREE Multi-Site License
  • Automatic FREE Plugin Updates
  • 24×7 Email Support
  • Money Back Guarantee

Affilinker Includes a Multi-Site License for Free

By default, AffiLinker comes with multi-site license which means you can use AffiLinker on any number of your own WordPress blogs.

Learn more about the Affilinker WordPress Plugin. <– Click this link.