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How To Write Headlines

Successful headline writers seem to always hit the right viral message. It’s as if they know some secret for penning the perfect headline.

The truth is, they do.

Headline writers have been honing their skills for centuries and they’ve learned that people are influenced by specific types of headlines over others. This explains why today’s popular headlines all seem to have commonalities with successful headlines of the past.

By dissecting these headlines down to their basic elements, we created headline templates that you can use with fill-in-the-blank ease to create the perfect headline for your message. This guide contains 8 Killer Headline Headline Styles along with templates presented in an easy fill-in-the-blank style format for you to start using right away.


Click Here To Download: 8 Killer Headline Styles With Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

Also, if you use WordPress, there is an excellent plugin from Thrive Themes called, “Thrive Headline Optimizer“.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is the ultimate headline creation tool that includes A/B Headline Testing, Bulk Testing, Detailed Metrics, Engagement Reports and more. It lets you test Click Through Rate, Time On Content, Scrolling or any combination of each.

There’s nothing as easy or complete on the market. All you do is install the plugin, write the headlines and you’re done. Thrive Headline Optimizer takes care of the rest.


Click Here For A Video Demonstration: Thrive Headline Optimizer