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How to Make your Office 365 Migration Happen 

By Peter Trapasso

How to Make your Office 365 Migration Happen  image Geese migration by Rosana Prada flickr

Making a migration to Microsoft Office 365 happen is an important undertaking for any business, in particular when using SharePoint. It’s not as simple as ordering a plan and moving the workflow to a cloud. Aside from manually moving all data and settings, coding a solution is part of the procedure.This can be both time consuming and expensive. Most businesses can’t spare the resources or time to dedicate to such a big overhaul. Luckily, there are tools available to make the process pain-free. Unless you have the required expertise in-house, which very few companies do now-a-days, considering migration options for Office 365 is a must.

Switching to Office 365 is a big step for any business, but the results are well worth it in accessibility and increased productivity of all employees. Once a plan is selected, the major components of MS Office will be available from the web browser on any desktop and/or laptop. On mobile devices find the free app Office Mobile that can install directly to an iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The biggest change is that all files will be directly stored on OneDrive based in the cloud.

Why You Should Consider Sharegate

Remember, when upgrading to an Office 365 plan, to do a SharePoint migration as well. Sharegate has created a product to do just that. One of the many great features of Sharegate is that it easily runs from desktops. This way migration is quick and easy, migrating from any version of SharePoint to Office 365. The option to choose which specific files to move allows full control of what will be ocated in the cloud.

There are other opitions for site migration, such as exporting from SharePoint or PowerShell capabilities, offering a lower cost Sharegate Lite product.

An Option from Metalogix

Metalogix also provides a tool known as Content Matrix to assist in your migration to Office 365. A great option and worth a look as it supports a wide range of sources including all previous versions of SharePoint. The tool is intended to allow migrations to be conducted by non-IT employees. Depending on the situation, at most companies the IT staff is the most knowledgeable when it comes to existing MS Office and SharePoint installations – find out what works best for you.

Ready to take the next steps migrating to Office 365 for your company? Work with your IT staff and use the best Office 365 migration tool available, Sharegate.

Photo credit: “Geese migration” by Rosana Prada flickr