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How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral On Twitter

By Marc Guberti

How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral On Twitter image viral marketing1

Going viral is the dream that everyone has with a blog or product. With a blog post, you can give people your credentials while going viral. When you write the blog post, make sure your credentials blend in with the entire post because viral posts are not about credentials.

How you write about what you choose is one factor that goes into writing a blog post that goes viral. Many blog posts that go viral are blog posts of incredible stories (not a lot of credentials though). Other blog posts go viral because they offer top-notch advice. In order to have a viral blog post, your blog post has to be one of quality.

Another factor that goes into having a viral blog post is by talking about someone or something that people admire. There are a lot of sports figures, teachers, and other people that are admired by many people. Write a powerful blog post about that person or thing.

When you finish the blog post, it is not going to go viral on its own. Creating a blog post does not necessarily mean “the people will come”. People have to learn about your blog from somewhere.

Here comes the viral part. In order to make your blog post go viral on Twitter, you need to use Twitter’s search engine to find people who are interested in what you just wrote your blog about. Have conversations with the people who tweeted recently about what you just blogged about. At the end of the conversation, ask the person to look at your blog post about what you were just talking about.

If you do this with 100 people a day, those 100 people will tell their friends who will in turn tell their friends. Then, your blog post goes viral. On a blog post that goes viral, it is very important to tell people about your credentials in a small blurb that does not distract readers from reading the rest of your blog post.