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How to Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

By Neil Patel

How to Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

What are the two main ways you can grow your revenue? Driving more traffic to your website and boosting your conversion rates, right?

Although those two ways are effective, there is also another way to increase your revenue… it’s by increasing your average order value. A simple way to do that is through upselling and cross selling your products.

In order to teach you how you can implement this tactic in your business, I’ve created an infographic.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

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If you don’t think upselling and cross selling are effective, just look at Beach Body. They offer a lot of popular products like P90X and Insanity. When you check out, they try to hit you with seven upsell offers. By doing this, they were able to double their revenue per customer.

Don’t take upselling and cross selling for granted. Although most people don’t use these tactics, it doesn’t mean they are ineffective.

How else can you get more revenue from each of your customers?

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