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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Playing the Accidental Superhero

By Lawrence Anderson

ERP Lead Generation Tips – Playing the Accidental Superhero image ultimate spider man vol.1 panel

I’m sure plenty of us have heard of accidental discoveries or inventions. These stories of encouragement teach the common lesson that the success you dreamed of can come in unexpected ways.

But put in another way, they’re actually the real-life counterparts to accidental superheroes. Your average comic book geek can name at least three off the top of their head. You’ve got Daredevil, The Flash, and Spider-Man (who, as well know, just had another movie released).

If this was your story, how would you market it? How would you engage with prospects in the lead generation process?

Let’s start with the common elements of these accidental success/discovery/superhero stories.

It started out like any other day…

You can’t call something an accident if it wasn’t out of the ordinary. For Peter Parker, he was just a regular high-schooler on what looked like a regular field trip.

In the case of ERP software firms, you start your story in a similar way by telling them a bit about your history. Prospects deserve to know even just a bit of what you were doing before you accidentally discovered something that led you to create your own, unique tech product. It gives the background of your industry (as well as provides credentials to what you do).

Then it happened.

What’s most appealing about an accident is the workings of its effects and consequences. For example, nobody really gets tired of seeing how the radioactive substance fried Matt Murdock’s sense of sight but then supercharged his other remaining senses.

So what did your accident do that led to your own discovery? Better yet, how did this lead to the creation of your product. Product information (especially in tech) tends to be heavy and technical on the mind. Explaining how an accident led to a remarkable discovery requires you to simplify the tech terms so prospects can connect the dots themselves.

And now, you’re fighting crime.

Okay, so you’re not really going to go out foiling bank robberies in a costume. However, the next step after explaining your little origin story is how you’re now using your new discovery to benefit customers.

You’re likely to include a few customer testimonies here. You’re not the only one who should recognize the benefits of your accident. The goal of marketing and lead generation is so that prospects see the appeal as well and you’re offering them a chance to experience it.