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Dr. Parwiz Daud And Mansour Tawafi Achieve Black Diamond Rank At OneLife

By Ted Nuyten

Dr. Parwiz Daud – a Medical Doctor in endocrinology and diabetes – and Mansour Tawafi are good friends and business partners. As associates, they both lead a strong team in the UK with one of the most spectacular results in recent months.

That leadership and that progress have pushed them up to the top 25 position in our ranking, with monthly earnings of almost $400,000.

Daud and Tawafi are also part of the outstanding international team Success4All, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, who are currently the highest income networkers in the industry.

In addition to having significantly contributed with their leadership to the global success of Success4All, Daud and Tawafi have managed to completely revitalize the OneLife distribution system in the UK, which had gone through difficult times after a large number of its sales forces left for a competing company.

Such has been that revival that, at present, the UK is at the forefront in Europe in number of users of the financial education packages offered by the company.

With this track record, it should not surprise us that both leaders have already achieved Black Diamond: one of the most difficult and ambitious ranks and the second highest of all. Their secret: a system of their own that is based on the principles they want to highlight and actively seek out in other leaders.

“We base our business on a set of principles, and at the very top of it is HIT: Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.

And because of that, we have attracted leaders with the same principles. We really work towards the ranks and recognize the team for their achievements, which in turn drives people to work even harder.” Mansour says.

Mansour Tawafi (left) and Dr. Parwiz Daud

“We use our HIT formula when taking action and showing results. We believe in leadership, so we create leaders, not followers. We inspire, empower and guide people, as well as deliver the correct information and facilitate the necessary tools to all our OneLife members, so they can start running their business independently in a short period of time.” Parwiz adds.

Daud and Tawafi are already mentors to many people, not only in the UK, but in other countries of the world. They were also featured guest speakers at the recent European Regional Event held in Lisbon, Portugal as well as at the international events in Malaysia and Bangkok.

The success of these two young leaders is not only in the numbers, but in the fact that they are able to gather thousands of people at their training sessions, making it clear that at the moment, they are two of the most remarkable people in the industry.

“The greatest part of my success today is to see so many phenomenal leaders thriving in our organisation. Leaders who we started to work with as business partners, but who today have become part of our ever-growing family. Leaders, who I respect, admire and love dearly.” Mansour points out, offering a more personal and humane vision of his success. A vision that his partner also shares:

“We now have a team of thousands of people worldwide, and I can proudly announce that we have personally recruited and coached some of the most successful Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Black Diamonds and other top leaders in our international team.

We have built ourselves in tough situations, and now we have a support system, leadership, unity, loyalty, trust and a family.”

The family and the team are concepts that often come together in such cases: spending so much time with the people you work with ends up establishing a special bond, and otherwise, things just wouldn’t work out. In the case of Daud and Tawafi, this concept dates back to earlier times: they were friends before being business partners and usually refer to each other with the word “brother.”

That’s another not so secret ace that many successful networkers have up their sleeve: working on something they really like, surrounded by people they love spending time with. This is one of the most powerful sources of energy to prosper in this industry.

The vision of Daud and Tawafi is now to impact as many lives as possible by building leaders in the network, to use this platform to add value on a global level and keep doing the great work together with MLM legends, such as Igor and Andreea, Jose Gordo, Frank Ricketts, Staffan Liback and Sebastian Greenwood, as well as with the founder of the coin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova.