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Digital Publishing Strategy: Key to Profit

By Catherine Merzlova

Digital Publishing Strategy: Key to Profit image tumblr inline mwvaaeYdTo1snku424

Digital publishing is in high demand these days.

But what can guarantee 100% profit from a digital magazine or newspaper?

Some publishers mistakenly think that firstly they should choose a platform of the app – iOS, Android, cross-platform solution or a PDF file (if anyone still uses such a format). But it’s actually the second thing to do.

The right e-publishing strategy – that’s what all success stories begin with.

In the era of mobile generation – people who got used to technologies in everyday life – the best strategy is the one based on user engagement, giving users the multimedia experience so familiar to them. Thus, digital publication is not a way to replace traditional media. It’s a new informational and communicational channel more relevant for the new mobile people.

Choosing e-publishing strategy based on user engagement publisher choses the shortest and easiest way to profit and success. Any doubts? Have a look at the infographic.

E-publishing Strategy by Nasty Creatures