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Dear CMOs, Mobile Data Security Should Be Everything

By Steve Olenski

Ok quick review for those who are currently out sick and thus may have missed the news. I will expect a note signed by Epstein’s Mother. NOTE: If you don’t know this reference it means you’re under the age of 40. So Google It.

Anyway, for the uninformed…

When it comes to data, roughly 90% of ALL data in the world has been produced or created just in the past two years alone. Broken down to the minute, try this on for size from the folks at Domo:

That is EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY boys and girls. In other words there’s a whole shitload of data (technical term) being generated.

In terms of mobile, try this one on for size via The Next Web:

Ok so on one hand we have lots of data being generated while on the other we have lots of people on mobile devices generating a large chunk of said data.

You with me?

You better be.

Data Breaches

In case you missed some more news, there’s been a few breaches of data over the past X number of years. How many exactly?

Well this site puts all the info right at your fingertips.

As you will see there is an alarming number of ever-growing data breaches occurring all around the world. Now couple that with the fact that a whole lot of people are using their mobile device to do pretty much everything including financial-related tasks and the following stat via PwC makes perfect sense AND why I believe…

Mobile Data Security Should Be EVERYTHING To CMOs

65% of shoppers are wary of having their personal information hacked using their mobile/smartphone.

Moreover, according to PwC research “more than half of those surveyed only use companies/websites and payment providers that they believe are legitimate and trustworthy.”

Madeleine Thomson, PwC’s retail and consumer leader in the UK put it perfectly:

“If people are going to continue to shop efficiently and quickly on mobile, then there has to be more thorough systems around how we secure the data and make the mobile environment more resilient.”

So more and more people on mobile means more and more mobile data generated which means more and more breaches are in play which means brands need to the security of mobile data (and ALL data for that matter) at the top of their priority list.

It’s All About the Experience

CMOs and marketers at all levels are fully aware that customer experience (CX) is everything today. And the mobile experience is of course at or near the top of the CX list for all the reasons stated above.

Providing the best CX can be challenging but it doesn’t need to be. Not in the least. Down Customer Experience Simplified to discover how to provide customer experiences that are managed as carefully as the product, the price, and the promotion of the marketing mix.

Image source: Pexels