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Convince Your Boss Social Media is Here to Stay

By Michelle Malina

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As Alan Garner from “The Hangover” put so eloquently, sometimes we tend to think of ourselves as a one-man wolf pack.

This can be especially true if your boss is doubtful about the upside of social media marketing. I’m sure that can get pretty lonely. Fortunately, you know that social media isn’t a waste of time – in fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of a strong content marketing strategy. All you have to do is make your boss realize this. Debunk the four most common social media myths and, before you know it, you’ll have your boss begging to join your social media wolf pack.

1. “Only young people are using social media.”

While it is true that younger generations are extremely active on social media, they’re definitely not the only ones. (My grandma posts more status updates than I do!) The Pew Research Center found that 73 percent of online adults use social networking sites (keyword: adults). That’s a huge chunk of active users that you don’t want to ignore.

According to Pingdom, 55 percent of Twitter users, 65 percent of Facebook users and 79 percent of LinkedIn users are 35 and older. At the end of the day, this age demographic has a commanding influence on social, and I bet it’s safe to say that your boss falls into the same age range.

2. “You can’t measure ROI.”

A common misunderstanding is that social media return on investment (ROI) is difficult to prove. Social media is changing the way we communicate. It connects people who wouldn’t necessarily be joined otherwise. Your brand has the power to reach mass amounts of people with one click of a button. This traffic from social media drives engagement, which in return broadens your brand’s scope for conversions and leads. Without clearly defined business goals, measuring ROI can be complicated.

According to a survey from eMarketer, 77 percent of respondents were more likely to put their money into a company that uses social media. So, set your business goals and invest time into social. With the right assortment of platforms and engaging content for your followers and prospective clients, your company can reap the benefits of a successful social media campaign. Your boss just might not realize how it falls into the big picture.

3. “Social media is just a fad.”

Beanie babies were a fad. Slap bracelets were a fad. Social media is NOT a fad. Like it or not, it’s become an integral part of our daily lives. Although it’s constantly evolving to keep up with new technology, that’s no reason your boss should write it off as a trend. Yes, certain elements of social media are ebb and flow, but social media as a whole is here to stay.

We’re well aware of the presence that large brands have on social media, but small businesses are just as invested. Deeming 2014 the year of the social small business, Hootsuite found that nine out of ten small businesses use or are planning to use social media. Among these SMBs, 94 percent leverage social media for marketing. That’s a number that will only continue to grow.

People love to feel connected with one another, whether it’s their family, their friends, or their favorite celebrity – it’s human nature. Social media gives brands the power to do the same, establishing meaningful connections with clients, influencers, and followers alike. The marketing world is changing; your boss just needs to change with it.

4. “You can lose brand control.”

Generally speaking, it’s easy to lose control of many things in life. You can lose control of the steering wheel, but that doesn’t stop you from driving, does it? The idea of diving head first into social media can be a scary thought for anyone. It’s a less controlled environment than some seasoned professionals are used to using. A forum being opened to the public allows people to say anything, good or bad, about a certain brand.

While even the best social media campaign can go awry, you have the potential to be in complete control. All it takes is a solid plan, proper training, and due diligence. In the long run, your boss will come to realize that the reward outweighs the risk.

So, the next time your boss has you feeling like a lone wolf, use these stats to convince him your company needs a strong social site. Once you prove your point that social media is here to stay, you’ll be the one feeling like a boss.

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