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Content Marketing: How to Organize all Your Content Effectively (video interview)

By George Thomas

Behind The Scenes HubSpot

By George Thomas

Last week we did an interview with Krista Kotrla – The Power of Content Marketing Workshops to Impact Profitability and Eliminate Silos. During that interview, Krista and I talked about Block Imaging, and how they started creating content as a team after their content marketing workshop. But as you are likely well aware, if you’re going to have everyone in your company assisting with the content marketing efforts (insourcing) you’re clearly going to need a system in place to make it effectively happen.

This is exactly why I decided to interview Alec Biedrzycki —a super smart employee of HubSpot who is in charge of much of their content marketing efforts when it comes to the partner program (resellers). Having the massive task of bringing together so much content and getting it out to the world in an orderly and effective manner, this video is sure to help anyone that is tasked with engaging a team to do the same.

Here are a few of the questions I ask Alec in the interview:

  • How do you deal with crappy content when it comes across your desk?
  • How can companies keep their content organized?
  • What is an editorial calendar really?
  • What software or cloud base option can you create your calendar with?
  • What are some tools you can use to build an editorial calendar?
  • Any many more…
  • During this interview Al shares some HubSpot tips and great actionable items. So grab a cup of coffee, put on those headphones, and enjoy.