WP Social SEO Pro – Best WordPress Social Media Plugin (Really)

WP Social SEO Pro review

I really like this plugin and you will too! It should come as no surprise to those who know Mike Johnson that his latest WordPress social media plugin WP Social Pro (Version 3.0) is being called, “The most important WordPress plugin of 2014″. It’s not another goofy plugin that just adds floating social share buttons […]

DS Domination Teaches How to Make Money on Ebay (Selling on Ebay)

DS Domination Review

DS Domination is a fast growing program for selling on Ebay. The basic concept consists of making money on Ebay by listing products found on Amazon. The members are taught to copy the images and descriptions found on Amazon, and post them on Ebay for sale. Members don’t actually buy the products until after a […]

Local Marketing WP Plugin Produces Sky High 40% Conversion Rates

WP Lead Explosion

WP Lead Explosion is a WordPress plugin that is producing 40% conversion rates for local marketers selling mobile sites, Facebook fanpages and SEO services. This proven and tested WP plugin can make the difference between selling 5 to 10% of your website clients and conversion rates up to 20%, 30% or even 40% or more. […]

Squeeze Page List Building Software

Squeeze Page Creator Software

It’s usually a joy to review MemberSpeed products, because they always take the extra effort to make whatever it is, fun. This time the software’s interface was replete with what can only be called “Ninjaisms” an obvious tie-in to the products name. They’re funny and quirky but unobtrusive so they add to the over-all experience […]