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Build Better Twitter Engagement For Your Personal Brand

By Personal Branding Blog

Build Better Twitter Engagement For Your Personal Brand image shutterstock 179913695

Social media is now the main source of communication for brands between their customers and leads. People today are turning to networks to leave feedback, search for information, purchase services and products, and share what they had found.

Twitter is at the top of the social engagement list, and there are several strategies you can use to create trust and provide a meaningful conversation.

You can quickly build your brand on Twitter in as little as five minutes a day. This involves using common sense, great planning, and time management. Here are several steps to help you get started:

1. Get focused with search. Not sure where to find the right people to follow or information to share? Perhaps this could be that your search is too broad. Try using quotes or keywords with hashtags for more narrow results.

2. Research who others are following. Want to get in on the same action as your competition? All it takes is some time and effort to create what is known as a Twitter List where you can add top users, follow other lists, and learn who to make connections with.

3. Become a helpful contributor. People are looking for trusted answers from brands. Why not become that source of information for them? Through helpful content, answering and asking questions, and even free offers you can learn how to best meet the needs of your audience and create a larger following.

4. Build and encourage engagement. Try using retweets, offer positive feedback to your network, ask questions, and be quick to respond to notification and Direct Messages. The more helpful and accessible your brand becomes, the better response you will have to your content.

The world is watching your personal brand. By engaging on Twitter with a focused and people-centered approach you will create a network of trust which can continue integrating with your other social networks and your website. This strategy is sure to result in more leads and sales while building your unique brand.