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Brands – Be Relevant or Get Relegated to Yahtzee Room!

By Brian Vickery

Brands – Be Relevant or Get Relegated to Yahtzee Room! image howtoconnectwithyourcustomers1

How many of you clicked on this post simply because you wanted to know more about the Yahtzee room? Here is the back story: My wife asked if she could “open up the house” and invite guests to share Thanksgiving with us. Now, I’m a traditionalist – and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We share great family time, food, football…and some in my family play Yahtzee. I recognized that we are transitioning into a different life stage – with grandkids and two daughters in college – so I said “sure, you can invite guests for Thanksgiving.”

However, I had to qualify the invitation! I said any guests were welcome to watch football with us as long as their comments were relevant to football! They could agree or disagree, but they had to know the game. If their commentary was not relevant, then they would be “invited” to join the group in the Yahtzee room! This is now an inside joke between me and my son-in-law. At this point, he knows he will be raising our grandsons to be football relevant…so they do not get “invited” to the Yahtzee room.

Now, imagine customers telling brands “hey, stay relevant…don’t make me send you to the Yahtzee Room”. I think the following infographic, Courtesy of Quick Sprout, does a great job explaining why brands need to remain customer-focused, emotionally connected, and relevantly engaged in this age of the socially savvy consumer:

The biggest highlights/tips to me are the following:

  • Get closer to customers emotionally.
  • Listen, really listen.
  • Emotionally engaged customers are 300% more likely to recommend you!
  • It is 6 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current customer happy.
  • People are willing to spend more on your business if you give them a feeling of importance.
  • 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company due to a poor service experience.
  • You are most relevant to your customers when you keep them emotionally engaged while limiting your promotional pitch. To me, you can address all of the above items by starting with one: Listen, really listen!

    As a reader of this blog, you know I represent a social listening and analytics solution called Pulse Analytics. As a consumer, I still wish more retail brands used Pulse Analytics to find my conversations and engage with me. I might tweet about brands and products, post Facebook or Google+ status updates, or even take the time to do reviews on Yelp or TripAdvisor. Sometimes, I loved the customer experience…other times, I am immensely disappointed in the experience. In other cases, I am just showing a passing interest or inquiry.

    Know this: I have made purchase decisions based upon brands spotting the opportunities on social channels – and then engaging me about those opportunities.

    By engaging me, they became relevant to my purchase decisions…all others got “invited” to the Yahtzee room (most likely because they remained oblivious to the conversations occurring about their brands, products, and competitors)!

    What is your best story of a brand engaging you in relevant conversation? Is your Yahtzee room getting crowded?!?