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Behind the Scenes of How the #1 MLM Podcast Got Started

By Simon Chan


Talk about timing!

I definitely didn’t plan it out this way.

We just celebrated Episode 400 with a special episode on Online Strategies that Created Duplication and helped me to grow my business from 1,000 distributors to over 80,000 worldwide.

And we’re approaching 4 million downloads for our network marketing podcast!


4 million downloads!

People had been asking about how MLM Nation got started and how we got to become the #1 network marketing podcast.

So I decided to share with you today on how it all got started…

And it just turns out that I’m writing this in the country where the idea all came from.

Right now I’m down in Australia now at Surfer’s Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia) to run my MLM Nation Mastermind Retreat. It’s going to be a fun 3 days.

I got in Thursday and immediately had an awesome breakfast meeting with my good friends, the Pajama Bosses.

Afterwards I did a special training for 38 leaders for a network marketing company in Australia.

So how do these Australia events have to do with MLM Nation podcast?!

It’s because the idea for the a network marketing podcast came up 30,000 feet in the air while I was traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney in Oct. 2014.

I love long flights and was brainstorming on how to make a bigger impact.

I always aim to be different (the Purple Cow) and stay one step ahead of everyone else.

And in Oct 2014, I realized the MLM profession needed a network marketing podcast that would showcase all the top leaders in network marketing.

It was the training that I wish I had when I was building.

Maybe you felt this way before…

Before I retired from building MLM in 2013, I found myself tired of listening to the same leaders and speakers at my company events.

Not that they were bad…

They were great but I was just tired of hearing the same people over and over again.

I always wanted to learn from other leaders but when I searched on Youtube, there was so much crap out there that I didn’t know who was legit and who wasn’t.

That’s when I came up with the idea for MLM Nation.

What if I could filter out who was real deal from the ones who were not and provide the MLM community with a resource that showcased all the top leaders?

Once I got that idea, I was hook and got to work.

The second I landed in Sydney, I purchased every personal development program about podcasts…

I had my team at MLM Nation go through the training programs as well cause I knew this wouldn’t be a one man show.

I went to the major conferences about podcasts…

And we came up with a plan and launch date.

We didn’t want to just come out with something and do it half way.

We wanted to go all out and make a major impact in the network marketing profession and we knew it would take time to get things setup.

We took a full 5 months (from Oct. 2014 to Mar. 28, 2015) to get our show ready.

We got the systems setup, the team in place and started to record in late Jan. 2015.

And 5 months later…

MLM Nation launched with Episode 1 with Dani Johnson.

Lessons from the Launch of Our Network Marketing Podcast

Here are some things I want you to take away from our success.

1) Don’t leave your success to chance. Make it a choice.

We didn’t just wing it and see “how it goes.”

We went out and invested in every self development program on podcasts and went to events and networked with other podcasters.

We took 5 full months to get ready for the launch.

Episode #1 with Dani Johnson was a huge hit but not many people know that it took us 5 months to launch…

And also 6 weeks of follow-up with Dani Johnson before I got her on the show.

2) Success is Never Solo and Requires a Team

There are 5 people that work on every episode of MLM Nation.

5 people!

Not just me.

I just do the fun stuff and talk to MLM superstars but we have an entire team that edits the audios, makes the webpages, posts on social media, send out the email notifications, etc.

Success is about leadership and empowering your team.

3) There is No Such Thing as Instant Results

We didn’t really start making any money from the show for the first 4 – 5 months after we launched.

If you factor in that the show really “started” in Oct. 2014 when we came up with the idea, it took us really 9 – 10 months before we saw any financial return.

Success takes time.

There is NO instant success.

You just have to keep going and going and going…

4) MLM Nation’s Success Was Expected

I don’t want to sound arrogant or cocky but I’m not surprised at MLM Nation’s success.

It was expected.

I dreamt it, visualized it… and saw it happen.

Of course it didn’t happen exactly the way I expected it…

And we made a lot of mistakes and had to make adjustments along the way…

But I visualized our success in my mind and where we would be.

Never forget what Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich” –

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

All leaders are visionaries and dreamers.

Do you spend time dreaming and visualizing the success of your business?!

Or do you spend time doubting?

We’re Grateful

I’m grateful to all the leaders in MLM who have been or plan to be on MLM Nation.

Without these leaders, this amazing profession would not exist.

I’m also grateful for you.

For reading this blog.

For listening to our show.

Our network marketing podcast is simply a vehicle that God has given me to live my purpose driven life.

Thank you for 400 episodes!

Thank you for the 4 million downloads!

And finally…

Thank you for being part of this amazing profession and having a positive impact on as many lives possible.

God Bless,

Simon Chan

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