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Affiliate HD by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos

There is a brand new opportunity called Affiliate HD by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos. There is a video explanation, but don’t expect a whole lot of details without opting in to the program – which is free to join and there is nothing to buy… yet.

Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos Affiliate HD

In the video, Jason provides a ‘thumbnail’ sketch on the basics of the Affiliate HD program, which is described as doing affiliate marketing in a whole new way. He first talks about how affiliate marketing has become saturated, and why so many current affiliate marketers have resorted to offering bonuses as a way of increasing sales.

Jason claims that what he and Wilson have developed makes affiliate marketing infinitely easy again. He says the reason for this is because of some online commerce ‘shake-ups’. Without disclosing what they are, he says it is easy to get into 7 specific niches, even if you have no list, no following, and no reputation. He says all you need is his “map”. There’s a reference to using Dropbox in affiliate marketing, but further details on that will come out at a later time.

In the video, there is a screen shot of an account that shows a $100,000 deposit, and if you know Jason, then you know it is unlike him to show something like this. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those slick guru launch videos with fancy cars and giant bank account screen shots, but this looks very different. Especially coming from Jason.

Basically, Jason’s premise is that because so many new product launches are coming out nearly every day, the product creators have been forced to rely on affiliates to the point where now the affiliates are in charge of the marketplace. What he says is the product creators only have one thing to offer… their product. Whereas affiliates can offer many products from multiple creators. As proof of this “upper hand” the affiliates now have, he describes how creators are offering “bribes” in the form of large cash prizes to the top performing affiliates.

Jason explains that so many affiliates are promoting the same products (and providing all of the ‘selling’ work), that now many people are looking for marketers that are offering bonuses along with the products. And I absolutely agree since I’ve been doing exactly that for a long time.

What Jason says is that he has developed a way to take advantage of this new ‘bonus shopping’ frenzy and he claims to have created a system to offer bonuses that anyone can follow to make affiliate marketing a profitable venture again.

There’s more to this video, including a breakdown of the four things all bonus offer must have, and he says he’ll expand on these in his next video. Then there’s a few very interesting ‘twists’ that Jason touches on that will keep me up later than usual.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video. It’s interesting, informative, and you literally have nothing to lose by watching it.

NOTICE: Yes, the following is an affiliate link. I have decided to take advantage of Jason’s expertise and I recommend you do so as well.

Affiliate HD Introduction Video <– Click the link.