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A Field Service Mobile Device Wish List: 16 Features Perfect for Technicians

By Gina Matteucci

A Field Service Mobile Device Wish List: 16 Features Perfect for Technicians  image futuristic device feature 300x213

Because the perfect field service mobile device for technicians has yet to be discovered, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to “design” one of our own.

Many of us would agree that affordability coupled with advanced mobile device capabilities are two of the biggest factors responsible for the growth of mobile apps for field service organizations. Today, the smartphones and tablets that field techs have at their disposal allow them to do more than they ever could before, which makes working with pen and paper seem primeval.

However, this doesn’t mean that the perfect mobile device for field service actually exists today. In fact, we’re not sure if anyone is even working on the perfect mobile device for the service technician, which is why we’ve decided to make a wish list of all the features we think should be considered in the development of the perfect mobile device for field techs.

Follow along as we explain some of our favorite features.

1. Durable: Because field techs often work in rugged areas, it makes sense that they need a rugged device. This means that a field tech’s device should be dust proof, water proof, shatter proof, and easy to repair.

2. Affordable: An affordable mobile device is important for field service organizations because they are responsible for fronting both the initial cost of the device and the cost of replacing the device if it breaks. A low-cost device helps reduce the financial burden of both investments.

3. Easy to Use: In order for field techs to be receptive of a new mobile device, it must be easy to use. The easier a mobile device is the use, the quicker technicians can use it and be more productive in the field. Easy-to-use devices allow for a smooth transition to mobile and happy techs.

4. Fail Safe : Having a device that is fail safe ensures that both your techs and the information stored in the device remains safe. For example, the perfect mobile device will have a function that prevents it from overheating, so if it gets too hot, the device will shut itself off and return to a safe temperature.

5. Hands Free: A hands free, wearable device allows for field techs to approach their jobs in new ways. Wearable devices allow for field techs to access important information completely hands free and right before their eyes.

6. Removable, Long-Lasting Battery: One disadvantage of having a battery operated device is that when the battery dies, the device is useless. This is why the perfect mobile device will have a long- lasting battery that can withstand an entire workday, and then some. The battery should also be removable, so that if it does die, a tech can just pop in an extra charged battery from his van and continue working.

7. Solar Powered: Another option that would prevent a useless battery is a solar powered device. Features like a solar powered screen and/or charger will provide field techs with a constantly charged battery, provided it’s a sunny day.

8. Noise Cancelling: Field techs usually work in loud environments. In order to better optimize capabilities such a Siri, or any other voice recognition programs, the perfect mobile device will be able to cancel out any and all background noise.

9. Outsized Screen: Having a larger screen allows field techs to more clearly see the information they want to access. With this being said, a screen sized at approximately 6 inches provides clear visibility to important information while still being a small enough to maneuver it on the job site.

10. High- Quality Camera: Having a high-quality camera so that field techs can capture accurate pictures of parts that need fixing or replacing is an important feature to have on a mobile device. This will ensure that the right part is always being fixed in the correct way.

11. Audio and Video Capability: While it is awesome to see a picture of a broken part, hearing what the broken part sounds like and seeing how the broken part is functioning serve as a better reference for field techs.

12. Large Storage Capability: On a typical day, technicians are required to record a lot of information. Because of this, having a device with a large storage capability is important in order for a field tech to record all the information he needs all of his job sites.

13. Available on All Networks: Even if the perfect mobile device is created, it is useless if it doesn’t run on every network. The perfect device will be made available by all cell phone providers, so organizations will not have to put up with the hassle of switching providers and the costs associated with it.

14. Bar Code Scanning: A technician’s ability to keep track of inventory is important because it lets him know what inventory the company purchased, where it is, and if it was sold. A mobile device with a bar code scanner will give techs insight to this kind of information.

15.Leading Operating System and App Store: In order for a mobile device to be perfect, it has to run the apps techs need. This means the device will have the capability to run a leading OS and app store.

16. All in One: Finally, the perfect device will be all encompassing. One device will incorporate a mobile phone, a rugged device, a high-quality camera, etc. This will eliminate a field tech’s need to carry multiple devices.

What is on Your Field Techs’ Mobile Wish List?

Like we said before, we’re not sure if the perfect mobile device for field techs is even in the process of being developed, but if it is, these are a few features we think should definitely be included.

Now that we have given you some of our suggestions, what is on your field techs’ wish list?

Think about it.

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