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7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014

By Gemma Richards

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image Promo Moleskine Notebooks 600x600

There are a lot of trends emerging this year already that have the potential to change the landscape of promotional products. Both the methods used and the demand for certain products are changing with developments in technology and shifts in taste. Here are some of the main game-changers we are seeing in 2014:

Moleskine Notebooks

Along with the general trend in promotional hardback notepads and notebooks, Moleskine notebooks are enjoying a comeback into consumers’ hearts. Despite the ever-increasing prevalence of technology, good-quality hardback notebooks are still in vogue. And of course, this is affecting demand for them as promotional products.

3D Printing

3D printing has taken the technology world by storm recently, and is set to make one of the biggest impacts on promotional products. It isn’t a trend that has made its way into many homes yet, but the latest developments in desktop 3D printers is increasing the overall awareness in this technology.

It’s predicted that prices will come down so that it becomes more affordable to the masses. And of course, this will impact promotional products – never again will there be an ‘out of stock’ crisis.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image 588px Miniature human face models made through 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping12

Fare (Good Quality) Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a hit when it comes to promotional items. And there is a new consumer trend hitting the market – the popularity of high-quality umbrellas, such as FARE umbrellas.

FARE umbrellas claim to be particularly long-lasting, meaning promotional branding will also last a long time. Over the years, consumers have turned to purchasing better quality items that will last a longer time, which explains the appeal of FARE umbrellas.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image fare umbrella 600x488

Car Fins

As well as Moleskines, another new product working its way up the ranks and opening up possibilities for promotional products, is car fins. Placed on the engine hood, at the rear or on the roof of the car – car fins are definitely noticeable. And they’re easy to personalise, too. In terms of safety – they’re secured in place with by strong magnets that can withstand speeds up to 111 mph (although we don’t recommend you drive quite that fast). That said, they’re also really easy to remove and put back on.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image fan fin

The surge in popularity of can fins means more changes in the promotional products industry. But with such a simple idea, and such a small and easily distributed product, it’s an effective way to raise brand awareness.

Portable Bars

Portable bars are taking the events world by storm. And for the promotional products business, they’re a guaranteed winner. Used at trade shows and events, custom portable bars can be used to promote specific products or brands. And the bars are portable, meaning you can easily transport them around from one event to the next.

They’re certainly a standout product, one that gets a lot of attention and attaches a premium image to a brand. For the business wanting to promote its name – this is definitely an increasingly popular way to go.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image Portable bars 600x277


A powerbank is an energy box with integrated micro-USB and USB cables, allowing the user to charge two devices simultaneously. They are another hit in 2014, and are a great opportunity for promotional products to keep up-to-date with technological advances and consumer trends.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image fluid branding powerbank 600x600

Full-Colour Digital Printed Products

Printing a logo onto a promotional product is a serious business. It’s what the customer is paying you for and it needs to be done with utmost precision. When printing in a selection of colours, screen-printing is becoming an increasingly redundant method. And this is where full-colour digital printing comes in. The process of full-colour digital printing uses physical printers instead of screens, allowing you to print over entire surfaces for a high-quality finish. The process is best used with mousepads, notebooks and magnets.

7 Promotional Product Trends Of 2014 image Full colour digital printed products 600x207