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7 Fundamental Ways to Grow Your MLM Business This Weekend

By Simon Chan

A Timeless Approach for Your Business

There was a time when the weekends was just for celebrating…

But like many things in life, they change.

Perhaps that has changed for you, and you’ve focused more on using your weekends to grow your business.

Maybe you’ve wondered what should you be doing through the weekend to grow your business…

With technology changing fast, all the new tools, and content that is out there…

It’s easy to get tempted and jump from one thing to another.

Having you feel like your activities have been all over the place…

That’s why this post is dedicated to give you seven fundamental ways to grow your MLM business for the weekend.

These activities are timeless, because even if the network marketing profession has changed through the years, and how we do things…

The fundamentals and simplicity of these activities remain the same.

To be clear, this post is not designed to direct you to a certain path.

Because one, there are COUNTLESS of methods you can apply.

And two, that would rob you of the freedom to choose your own path.

Simply, these are activities that you may already be doing, or, can apply to what you’re doing.

7 Fundamental Ways to Grow Your Business

Fundamental #1- Recaps

Similar to how TV shows have recaps so their audiences can see the events that occurred in that week…

Recapping your week is a simple yet important step for your business.

To recap your week means to take note of some activities and occurrences…

-How did your week go in your business?

-How many prospects did you talk to?

-Did you earn any income or volume?

-What are 3 good things that happened?

One of the reasons why people are stuck where they are, is because they don’t recap what they did and where they’re going!

They just do the business every day but don’t track their numbers.

If you’re on a map and you don’t know where you’re going, it’s very easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, you get impatient.

IMPORTANT- Recap on 3 good things that happened, 3 ‘small’ wins.

It’s important because acknowledging these wins gives you confidence, and helps you focus on the positive, rather than the rejections.


How much time should you be spending?

All it takes is 5-10 minutes,.

You don’t have to be in planning mode all the time, simply 5-10 minutes on recapping.

Fundamental #2- Targets

Just like tracking your activities is important, so is planning your activities.

As leaders you have to train yourself to think- where are you going?

Think of the targets you’re going to set for your business and your personal life for the following week.

For example:

-How many people am I going to talk to?

-How many follow-ups am I going to do?

Now, most of you have convention goals, yearly goals, but don’t have specific weekly or daily goals…

Weekly goals are the short sprints that help you stay on track for those monthly and yearly goals.

Remember, targets for your personal life are equally as important.

They are important because by hitting those personal targets, it allows you to focus more on the activities that are for your business.

Again, all it takes is a few minutes to think about what your targets are.

It can be is 5-10 minutes of your time.

Fundamental #3- Connecting

People who are good networkers are good connectors.

Go to your database of contacts and see who is someone you can connect with someone else to.

For example, maybe you know a great coach, and your friend is looking for somewhere to have their kid play a sport.

Go and connect your friend with that coach!

That’s just a basic example, but that is to get you to see that connecting is a simple thing anyone can do.

It can be done in your personal and business relationships.

So, don’t worry about someone joining or not…

If done with sincere intent, they will remember you for that.

When you connect you become a person of authority.

People trust you and see that you are a person that is providing value.

If you want to get people to trust you, be a connector.

Fundamental #4- Expanding

This one may challenge you a bit…

That is, go meet 10 new people!

This can be offline in your community like at the gym, or online through social media.

One effective way on social media is by doing live feeds on Facebook Live.

Why Facebook Live and how does that grow your business?

Just the fact that you’re doing video and most people are not, you are seen as an authority.

You are branding yourself better.

Remember, people are buying you.

Not only will people see you differently, but it will create curiosity.

Curiosity decreases resistance.

And ultimately, these activities are expanding your network consistently.

Fundamental #5- The Law of Intent

Now that you met 10 new people, now it’s time to follow up with 10 people.

This can be any 10 people.

Now here’s the thing with follow-ups…

There’s a thing called the law of diminishing intent.

The law of intent means every time you think of something, the longer you take, wait to take action, you don’t do it.

Has there ever been a prospect that you wanted to talk to, follow up with, and then you didn’t talk to them?

The longer you waited, the longer it didn’t happen, right?

So as entrepreneurs, you have to make sure every time you think of someone you have to follow up with, take action immediately.

So what do you do?

If you think of a prospect, in LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS you got to call that person.

Some people know this as the 3-second rule.

When there is someone you want to go talk to- a prospect, a leader, a girl you like…

Count 1, 2, 3, and you go and take the action!

It doesn’t matter if they’re going to say no to you…

It’s the activity that you have to focus on, not the result.

If you keep doing the activity, the result will happen.

Fundamental #6- Invites

Simple enough right.

It’s not anything fancy or innovative…

You go and invite 10 people to look at your business.

Again, don’t worry about the result, focus on activity.

Focus on the activity and don’t worry about the results, because if you focus on activity, the activity is a win.

Fundamental #7- Ping
MLM Fundamental- Reconnecting and Building Relationships

To ping means to reach out to people and simply get to know a couple things:

How have they been?

What have they been up to?

Reach out to 10 people.

You ARE NOT going to present to them, or prospect them.

How many of you have contacts you haven’t kept in touch with in a long time?

Similar to how you can turn cold markets into warm markets, warm markets can also turn into cold markets.

So when you ping 10 people, you’re taking people who you haven’t talked to in a long, long time.

It’s with the sincere intent and reconnect with them.

Facebook is a prime example of where you can do this.

You can comment, like their post, etc.

So your Facebook profile should not have tonnes of things about your company…

You always want to increase curiosity, decrease resistance.

If you have a friend that’s a Steelers fan, simply turn to them and say-

Hey, how’s it going, what do you think of tomorrow’s game?

That’s what ping really means, it’s reconnecting with people.

It’s about building a relationship.

Fundamentals are the Name of the Game

With the constant change in tools and methods, it’s easy to get bored or forget about the basics.

Want to build a lasting business that produces consistently?

Work the fundamentals!

Share and comment below…

How have you been working your business on the weekends?

What is one thing you’ll start applying today?

God Bless,
Simon Chan

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