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6 Components You Need In A B2B Online Marketing Program (Infographic)

By Louis Foong

6 Components You Need In A B2B Online Marketing Program (Infographic) image the science of b2b online marketing infographic circle s studio

In order to increase the success rate of your marketing campaign, I recommend you view the infographic, “The Science of B2B Online Marketing.”

Circle S Studio, a marketing and design firm based in Virginia, designed this interesting infographic, which highlights six components for creating an effective online marketing campaign.

Components highlighted in the infographic – such as strategy, content marketing, generating traffic, generating leads, lead management and analytics – also stress noteworthy stats. For example, did you know that 64% of CMOs lack formal processes when handling their marketing automation?

I think you will find the following information valuable, which Circle S Studio also emphasizes in their infographic:

Essential Components For A Successful B2B Online Marketing Program

  • Strategy

This is necessary to concentrate your strategy on prospects and consumers; also helps B2B marketers determine the alignment of their processes and business objectives.

  • Content Marketing

Create engaging content so that your company appears in search engine results, enhances lead conversions and communicates with consumers. Please consider the “buying cycle”; by doing so, you can determine which format is appropriate for a certain step in the buying circle.

  • Generating Traffic

Drive traffic to your content through online channels. According to the infographic, blog posts increase web traffic and pull in further prospects. In fact, 82% of B2B businesses that blog everyday have gained a new consumer from blogging.

  • Generating Leads

Lead generation strategies, including calls-to-action, offers and collecting contact info, encourage prospects to move forward. (Note: a total of 97% of visitors are not confident in making purchases upon the first visit to your site.)

  • Managing Leads

This fifth component is imperative for nurturing leads through every stage of the buying cycle. Consider these stats:

  • Up to 50% of sales are rewarded to the first vendor who makes the initial response.
  • 50% of qualified leads are not willing to make a purchase during this fifth component.
  • As reported by the infographic, 66% of buyers believe regular communication from sales/marketing helps sway their purchasing decisions.
  • Analytics

Your marketing program needs to be frequently measured, which will help determine what exactly requires improvement. Use analytical tools to help measure effectiveness. For example:

  • Social media marketing: number of conversions generated, followers, likes, etc.
  • Blogging: post views, CTA performance, subscribers, etc.
  • Email marketing: bounce and delivery rates, forwards, unsubscribes, etc.

As a B2B leader, can you recommend more tips for building an effective online marketing program? I look forward to reading your comments soon.