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5 Ways Facebook Groups will Help You Recruit, Duplicate and Grow Your MLM Business

By Simon Chan

Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

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Do you find yourself asking what top leaders using to grow their business?

With technology changing every minute, it seems like we never stop hearing the ‘next big thing’!

Today, you’re going to learn why using Facebook Groups are important and how you can use them to recruit, duplicate and grow your business.

The strategies are based on the conversations I’ve had over 500+ top leaders in network marketing.

So, let’s get right into Facebook groups.

What Are Facebook Groups

So, unless you haven’t been on Facebook, you definitely know what Facebook groups are.

There’s been practically a group for everything!

There’s actually one billion people in the world regularly using Facebook Groups.

Whether just Mommy and Me groups, cycling groups, to workout groups, to church groups.

There’s a group for almost anything you can think of right now.

Why Facebook Groups?

Facebook wants to build community.

That is their goal.

Facebook encourages and promotes groups.

Any time you know Facebook the company is behind it and promoting it, you want to get involved, right?

Because that means you’ll show up in the algorithms, you’ll show up in the news feed.

Facebook rewards people who are actively in the group.

And this is such a big thing for Facebook groups that Facebook came up with a new mission statement.

In June of 2017 Mark Zuckerberg had a special conference, he says,

Facebook’s new mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

I’m going to repeat it again…

It’s to bring the world closer together!

And with so many people using Facebook, you can get lost, right?

You probably know, sometimes you want to reach out to old friends, you can’t find them.

But in the group, community of similar interest, that’s where it’s easy to find, easy engagement, easy in community and that’s what Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, wants to do.

So, they are promoting it.

Top MLM leaders are already using Facebook groups to make money!

So, copy what successful people are doing.

How Exactly Can Facebook Groups Help My Business?

First off, let’s gather our focus on the fact that this is a business of NETWORK…

Meaning the network of your team of customers and distributors, and the COMMUNITY of potential customers and distributors.

So, here are 5 ways Facebook groups can help your business:

1) You can build a tribe of potential distributors and customers using Facebook Groups

Facebook groups brings a community of individuals with similar interests, together, and allows the opportunity to share value with them

It’s like a home meeting/party, but online!

2) Facebook Groups can be a recruiting tool

It has the power to shows prospects that the business works and is fun.

Nothing beats when people can go in and see all these other people having fun and doing something of a common purpose.

3) Facebook Groups also positions you as an expert

When you’re posting content, sharing, giving advice, you’re an expert.

And even if you’re new, just the fact that you have access to a group that no one else does makes you an expert.

If you’re in a group of like 5,000 people, but your prospect is not in it, and the group is special invite only, then already, you’re different.

So people will see you differently.

4) Facebook groups also provides a training platform for your team

You really don’t need any website with logins to access archived trainings.

Today, the top leaders, almost all of them are using some type of Facebook Group to train their teams.

They do Facebook Lives in the group or upload videos.

All the training’s inside a Facebook group.

5) Facebook Groups also helps improve retention

Facebook Group improves retention because it creates community and online relationships.

It really captures the energy of offline meetings.

Think about this, if you go to an offline meeting, a hotel meeting, or home meeting, there’s a lot of energy there.

People are hanging out, they’re talking, they shake hands, right?

You go to a meeting, if you’re listening or watching this, you get fired up going to the meeting.

And Facebook Groups does exactly that!

Facebook Groups take the offline energy and brings it online.

And this is especially important if your team is spread out and not local.

You definitely need something where people can feel plugged in, right?

So if they have a question, if they can’t reach you, if they can’t see you, it’s easy for people to get discouraged…

With Facebook Groups, not only can one go in there to update the trainings, but also to get access to any archived library materials there, as well.

Get Involved or Start Your Own Facebook Group Today

Does your upline or team have a Facebook Group already?!

If yes, join it and get involved!
Provide value and engage with the people there.
The more you provide value and be part of the community, not only will you learn and grow your business, but your prospects that you add to that Group will respect and look up to you.

Using Facebook Groups increases the chance more people will be a customer or join your business.

Has this blog been helpful?

Please comment below and let me know what you do to next.

And remember, we are in the profession to help others, so go out there and have a positive impact on someone’s life today!

God Bless,

Simon Chan

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